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Keep up with the latest scientific developments and breakthroughs in this weekly podcast from the team at New Scientist, the world’s most popular weekly science and technology magazine. Each discussion centers around three of the most fascinating stories to hit the headlines each week. From technology, to space, health and the environment, we share all the information you need to keep pace.

Recent Episodes

#56: How to spend a trillion dollars; landing on Mars; exercise and metabolism mythsFebruary 26, 2021 Episode artwork #55: Rescuing nature; Mars missions; new covid mutationFebruary 19, 2021 Episode artwork #54: Next-gen vaccines; alien space probes; ethics of fishFebruary 12, 2021 Episode artwork #53: Pandemic burnout; vaccines for the world; sustainable fuelFebruary 05, 2021 Episode artwork #52: Life after vaccination; gaslighting; mind reading January 29, 2021 Episode artwork #51: Covid evolution; new dinosaur; missing genome dataJanuary 22, 2021 Episode artwork #50: Covid vaccine dosing; superconductors; coral restorationJanuary 15, 2021 Episode artwork #49: New coronavirus variantsJanuary 08, 2021 Episode artwork #48: Must-know science of 2021January 01, 2021 Episode artwork #47: Christmas special quiz of the yearDecember 18, 2020 Episode artwork #46: Stardust hunting, the illusion of the self, space rocks return to EarthDecember 11, 2020 Episode artwork #45: Vaccine roll out in UK and China; Chris Packham on connectedness; AlphaFold breakthroughDecember 04, 2020 Episode artwork #44: When we’ll get the vaccine; fast-expanding universe; lunar missionsNovember 27, 2020 Episode artwork #43: How the covid RNA vaccine works; systemic racism; origin of humans November 20, 2020 Episode artwork #42: Vaccine for covid-19; origin of animals; overpopulationNovember 13, 2020 Episode artwork #41: The function of dreamsNovember 06, 2020 Episode artwork #40: Halloween special: real-life vampires, the science of ghosts, deep-sea zombies, monster black holesOctober 30, 2020 Episode artwork #39: Social lives of viruses; CRISPR to fight antibiotic resistance; dealing with risk; George RR Martin and the moonOctober 23, 2020 Episode artwork #38: Tackling the climate crisis; essential, like, filler words of, um, language; mystery of the human penis; your covid questions answeredOctober 16, 2020 Episode artwork #37: Black holes and CRISPR gene editing spring Nobel surprises; climate change and indigenous people in the Arctic; symptom clusters identified for covid-19October 09, 2020 Episode artwork #36: Hunt for life on Venus and Mars; how the paleo diet affects your age; strategy for the second wave of coronavirus; species extinction crisisOctober 02, 2020 Episode artwork #35: The first woman on the moon; evolution special; purpose of sleep and dreams; deep water mystery September 25, 2020 Episode artwork #34: Race to find life on Venus; coronavirus claims lives of 1 million people; extinction crisis; how the brain slows timeSeptember 18, 2020 Episode artwork #33: The healthy-eating revolution; China’s cosmic ambitions; Russia’s pursuit of gene-editing technology; the world’s greatest mammalSeptember 11, 2020 Episode artwork #32: Billionaire plan to geoengineer the planet; how the moon affects your health; Neuralink’s telepathic pigsSeptember 04, 2020 Episode artwork