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The Catholic Cemeteries Association

Welcome to CCAirwaves - the official podcast of the Catholic Cemeteries Association of the Diocese of Cleveland. This podcast aims to provide informational and inspirational segments that will help you learn more about the Catholic burial tradition, work through grief in a healthy way, and learn more about our Catholic faith in general. If you have a topic you'd like us to discuss, please email us at [email protected] We look forward to forging relationships with our Catholic community!
"Bringing Hope to the Holidays"- CCA Welcomes Cornerstone of Hope Executive Director Julia EllifritNovember 15, 2021 Episode artwork CCA Welcomes Joel's Place for Children as we highlight Children's Grief Awareness MonthNovember 05, 2021 Episode artwork "Meditation and Breath" session led by Becky Verner McDermott, Outreach Specialist and Program Coordinator at Joel's Place for Children and Owner of Becky Verner YogaNovember 03, 2021 Episode artwork Pray the Rosary with Catholic Cemeteries Association and The Legion of Mary-Northern OhioSeptember 22, 2021 Episode artwork CCA Welcomes The Legion of Mary- Northern Ohio members as we pray The Rosary in preparation for CCA's Walk To Remember on October 3rdSeptember 17, 2021 Episode artwork Creating A "Self-Care Box" During the Month of July- Social Wellness MonthJuly 27, 2021 Episode artwork Becky Verner of Becky Verner Yoga discusses her Yoga to Remember programJuly 15, 2021 Episode artwork New Beginnings...June 16, 2021 Episode 32June 17, 2021 Episode artwork Taking Care of Your Mental Health While Grieving May 06, 2021 Episode artwork Feeling Stuck in Your Grief (Abnormal Grief)April 29, 2021 Episode artwork 2021 - The Year of Saint Joseph March 08, 2021 Episode artwork Everything You Need to Know About Catholic Cremation February 18, 2021 Episode artwork Steps to Take When a Loved One Dies February 11, 2021 Episode artwork Preparing Our Grieving Hearts for Lent February 08, 2021 Episode artwork What is Pre-Planning and Why Is It Important?February 01, 2021 Episode artwork Entering the New Year with Hope and Love January 12, 2021 Episode artwork The Gift of God’s Presence – You are Not AloneDecember 16, 2020 Episode artwork Handling the Holidays While Grieving December 08, 2020 Episode artwork Staying Connected to Family During a Pandemic Holiday Season November 19, 2020 Episode artwork Thanks-Giving and Grief October 29, 2020 Episode artwork Guiding Children Through Grief September 25, 2020 Episode artwork Famous Figures: Helena PelczarSeptember 10, 2020 Episode artwork 7 Unique Types of Grief August 21, 2020 Episode artwork Scripture Reflection: God Calls Us By NameJuly 28, 2020 Episode artwork How to Practice Self Care While Grieving July 17, 2020 Episode artwork