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The Clienteling Podcast

Bryan Amaral

Welcome to the Clienteling Podcast! On our show, we'll discuss a broad spectrum of customer engagement, clienteling and retail technology insights, and we’ll provide plenty of examples and case studies directly from some of the most successful customer-focused luminaries in our industry. We'll discuss why in most cases, innovation and transformation is not a technology issue as much as it's a people, process and methodology problem. Clientricity and in particular this podcast, is focused helping retailers think through those challenges and develop a repeatable process to ensure that their stores are delivering on customer expectations and that the organization can fully benefit from those technologies deployed. In this podcast you'll gain a deep understanding of what’s working, what isn’t and where you should consider making your customer-centric technology investments. We are hoping that after spending 20-30 minutes listening to each episode you will leave energized and ready to apply what you’ve learned in your own business. We look forward to bringing you this podcast several times a month and would welcome your thoughts, ideas and comments. If you are passionate about customer centricity, clienteling and retail and would like to be a guest on the show, please send me a personal message at If you want get more personalized help or if you are interested in advisory services, contact Clientricity at