Hope with Depression

Hope with Depression - Episode 4 | Healing with NLP and Hypnosis

February 16, 2020 Neil
Hope with Depression
Hope with Depression - Episode 4 | Healing with NLP and Hypnosis
Show Notes

We respectfully pay tribute to Caroline Flack today; we ask if the media needs to take a lot more emotional responsibility for the way it attacks and demeans people in public, and the damage it can do.

Is it a mindless disregard for our common humanity?

We discuss possible new mindsets towards people experiencing difficult times, and offer new approaches,that really need a good conversation to be started.

Also, to help you or a loved one suffering, we discuss Types of Depression, and possible treatments and strategies to help.

Plus a fascinating interview with Dionne Curtis a NLP and hypnosis practitioner and how this contemporary mind science could help you.

I know you are bombarded daily online with various good causes vying for your attention and support but PLEASE share this with anyone you think may benefit.

It could potentially save a life. Just send them the link below.


 The story is poignant and touching, it boils down to a mother’s love, and the grit, resilience, determination and commitment of a normal but extraordinary family. It could be any of us.

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 Contains small amounts of mild bad language



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**Contains one use of the "F" word and other mild bad language**