Hope with Depression

Hope With Depression - Episode 17| Shamebusting.

June 29, 2020 Neil Long/ Lynn Crilly
Hope with Depression
Hope With Depression - Episode 17| Shamebusting.
Show Notes

In the Hope With Depression Podcast, we have tried to cover the subject from every conceivable angle (like the book does), and provide you with useful resources along the way.

Has anyone asked though what's it's like for the close family members?

And they don't come much closer than a twin.

Today we talk to Charlotte Crilly, the twin sister of Samantha (who's mum Lynne wrote the "Hope With..." series of books in response to the situation with Samantha.

Honest and true in equal measure.

Have you ever had feelings that you are ashamed of because "Good people should not have these kind of feelings?"

Turns out you're not alone (hardly!), and actually, it IS ok to be human. Did no-one tell you?

I know you are bombarded daily online with various good causes vying for your attention and support but PLEASE share this with anyone you think may benefit.

It could potentially save a life. Just send them the link below.


The story is poignant and touching, it boils down to a mother’s love, and the grit, resilience, determination and commitment of a normal but extraordinary family. It could be any of us.

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