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SLA Industries - History

January 30, 2021 Iain Wilson Season 1 Episode 28
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SLA Industries - History
Show Notes

This episode we take a look at SLA Industries; Nightfall's game of dystopian horror, set in the World of Progress.  Fame and fortune are yours to be had, as long as you do what the company wants of you, and you smile for the cameras.  Just don't ask too many questions or delve too deeply into secrets that are meant to stay buried.  Guns kill, but so does the Truth.
The SLA Quickstart can be found here:

This is part one of our SLA episode - part two will feature a round table discussion where we put on our rose-tinted glasses and talk about our favourite memories of the game. 

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HOST: Iain Wilson
BACKGROUND MUSIC: David Renada (Find him at: or on his web page).
TITLE, BREAK & CLOSEOUT MUSIC: Xylo-Ziko (Find them on their web page).