The Healthy Post Natal Body Podcast

Aid your post-partum recovery with Postpartum 30, a modern take on ancient confinement practice. Interview with Dr Kristal Lau

May 28, 2023 Peter Lap, Kristal Lau
The Healthy Post Natal Body Podcast
Aid your post-partum recovery with Postpartum 30, a modern take on ancient confinement practice. Interview with Dr Kristal Lau
Show Notes

This week I have the pleasure to be joined by Dr Kristal Lau in a bumper, an epic, 2 HOUR LONG!!, interview talking about the benefits of "confinement practices", but with a twist, to aid your post-partum recovery.

Regular listeners will have heard me talk about "zuo yue zi" or "Sitting the month" before as I strongly believe that some of the practices make complete sense from a mother's self-care perspective.
The issue with any 2000 year + old practice however is, of course, that a lot of the habits are no longer necessary and some will actually hinder your recovery.

This is where Dr Kristal Lau comes in.

Dr. Kristal Lau, a Physician and Postpartum Wellness Consultant, is the author of ‘Postpartum 30’.  She believes in "Stronger Mothers, Stronger Families, Stronger Nations."

Kristal brings over 10 years of combined experience and knowledge in clinical medicine, scientific research, and public health including her personal experiences as an Asian expat in the West, a mom of 2, and a U.S. military spouse. She delivers insights and actionable strategies for postpartum wellness, specialising in balancing traditions and cultural practices with modern postpartum care."

Basically, Dr Lau has done a tonne of investigative work and research and taken out the things that are not beneficial, and updated the things that are, and put them together in "Postpartum 30", a book which took her the best part of 2 years to write.

In this monster 2 hour interview we discuss almost everything post-partum related;

What are the principles behind post-partum 30?
The modern take on an ancient practice?
Why getting support in the early post-partum stage is so important.
We plan for patients leaving hospital, why don't we plan for mother's leaving hospital?
The flaws in the  health system when it comes to recognising women's health issues.
Where can Traditional Chinese Medicine compliment Western Medicine and how can they be intergrated?
Why do we not put the mother's needs higher when we know the impact it has when we don't.
Can there be equality if we don't start by equality in health?
The differences between the German, French and Dutch approaches to post-partum healthcare and the US/UK approach
And why does the research into women's post-partum health suck??

And soo much more that I'll start running out of allowed characters to describe it.

I have always said that someone who knows what they're talking about can talk about it for hours and Kristal is definitely in that camp. You're going to love this chat!

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