The Healthy Post Natal Body Podcast

Everything you should know about baby's wellbeing but probably don't. Interview with Danika Sanchez

July 23, 2023 Danika Sanchez, Peter Lap
The Healthy Post Natal Body Podcast
Everything you should know about baby's wellbeing but probably don't. Interview with Danika Sanchez
Show Notes

This week I am joined by the wondeful Danika Sanchez as we talk about all things to do with looking after your baby in the best way possible.

Danika is the owner of "Baby Step Concierge Nursing", in itself a fascinating idea already.

She holds a BSN in nursing, an RNC for NICU, and is certified in neonatal touch and massage.

We are talking about some of the big things that parents should really know about taking care of a baby but probably don't.

Did you know that it's really important to feed your baby through out the night and that a baby shouldn't sleep all the way through the night?

Why babies don't like fast movements and loud noises.

The right way to swaddle might not be to wrap the baby like a burrito.

You can NOT spoil your baby by holding them too much!

Why bath time can be difficult for babies and how to make it easier.

A different way to change the baby's diaper that's kinder on your little one.

How crazy it is that we have so many ante-natal classes and very few post-partum services when it would make soo much sense for baby's and parent's health and wellbeing.

And soo much more, it's simply crazy how much evidence based information she shares in the hour she spent talking to me.

I also have to say I think her idea of a post-partum concierge service is really clever and provides a services that I think a lof of parents could benefit from. I hope it catches on and, as always, I hope this sort of thing becomes available through your insurance or national health system.

Check out the website for more resources and, if you're lucky enough to live in California, to get in touch.

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