The Healthy Post Natal Body Podcast

With marriage and family therapist Catherine O’Brien

February 21, 2021 Catherine O’Brien
The Healthy Post Natal Body Podcast
With marriage and family therapist Catherine O’Brien
Show Notes

Peter interviews Catherine O’Brien a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the founder of

She's the author of Happy With Baby: Essential Relationship Advice When Partners Become Parents.

She also acts as a California state co-coordinator for Postpartum Support International and also helped to establish A Mother’s Heart in Sacramento, where mothers with perinatal and anxiety disorders go to receive support. Additionally, she participates in the Sacramento Maternal Mental Health Collaborative.

In short; she has qualifications and experience coming out the wazoo!

We are talking about the difference between expectations and the reality of the relationship between parents once the baby is there.

Things like;

We have a great relationship, how hard could adding a baby to this be?

The feeling of "grief" for your old life. That it's quite natural but can make you feel really guilty at the same time.

How every parent has their own learning curve when it comes to dealing with a baby and how important taking that into account is. There is no set "right or wrong" way to do many things and many parents can have a different approach from each other.

How to negotiate that part of your parenting relationship and not have that negatively impact the relationship between the parents.

She has some tremendous insight into what you can do to keep the relationship going well, and even improve on it post-partum.

Once you've listened to the podcast I strongly recommend joining Catherine's FREE online Facebook community where she provides weekly Facebook Lives with practical tips and encouragment for new parents, as well as interviews with experts.

As you'd expect Catherine can be found on all Social Media platforms

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In the news this week;
A "Fascinating", well..fascinating if you're Peter, study about the detrimental impact of Ketogenic diets. Ketogenic Diets are linked with Cardiac Fibrosis which means that you really don't want to be on them unless you need to be for a medical condition.

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