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Wealth management for millennials with Rachel Podnos O'Leary

August 08, 2021 Rachel Podnos O'Leary
The Healthy Post Natal Body Podcast
Wealth management for millennials with Rachel Podnos O'Leary
Show Notes

I interview Rachel Podnos O'Leary,  author of "21st Century Wealth" a book specifically written for millennials because the financial landscape they face is so different from old-timers like myself :)

Rachel is a Certified Financial Planner, a licensed attorney and member of the Florida bar.

Her book is an amazingly straightforward, but extremely useful, read.

Rachel saw that the financial planning landscape for millennials is fundamentally different than for any other generation that has come before. Between unprecedented student loan debt and income levels that have lagged behind those of previous generations, building wealth as a millennial can seem like a daunting, confusing, and often impossible feat.

Rachel’s no-nonsense personal finance guide, she shows you how to achieve financial independence, no matter your starting point. With tips on how you can build wealth through cash flow planning, debt reduction, investing, and strategic tax planning, you’ll learn how to leverage time and money as your most precious resources. Whether you’re working on paying down student loans or wondering how to invest your 401(k), this simple guide has the answers you need.

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I read the entire book from start to finish and my review was "This will be the best $10 you will ever spend" but listen to the podcast first and find out why.

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