The Healthy Post Natal Body Podcast

Keto diet, how to plan properly (why your planning sucks) and online vs 1-2-1 personal training

November 07, 2021 Peter Lap
The Healthy Post Natal Body Podcast
Keto diet, how to plan properly (why your planning sucks) and online vs 1-2-1 personal training
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 This week it's just little old me again for 30 minutes.

I'm talking about various things that we haven't had time to cover in the past few weeks.

A saying I like; "Yesterday starts tomorrow, tomorrow starts today".

Are you being held back by shitty planning? One of the biggest mistakes people make when planning change is that they don't plan it properly at all. If you want change tomorrow you'll have to start today.

Are you being held back by shit from your past that you still have to deal with? Why is that delaying change now??

I'm also going over some of the benefits and down sides to following a Keto diet. After last week's big post-partum diet Q&A I had some questions about this so we might as well tackle the whole thing :)

And we're talking the difference between online programs and real life PT. Why even James Smith can be wrong sometimes.

 "In the news this week"  I'm briefly talking Portugal and COVID. Why Porutgal clearly shows how important it is to get vaccinated andjust to continue wearing a mask where it's sensible.

Here are some articles you might want to read on that particular subject as it really is mindblowingly clear.

Wall Street Journal

NY Times

Travelmedia (because it's not firewalled)

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Playing us out this week; "Gipsy's Tent" by Dario Benedetti. 

Hey, welcome to the Healthy Post Natal Body Podcast with your postnatal expert Peter Lap. That, as always, would be me! Today it’s just little old me again. It's just little old me talking to myself, or to you lovely people, talking by myself for 30 minutes or so. What are we talking about today? What am I talking about today? Yesterday starts tomorrow. Tomorrow starts today. We're talking about shitty planning. 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are planning changes whether it’s diet, exercise routine, all that sort of stuff, is that they don't plan it properly at all. And that's where a lot of people fail. That's where a lot of people, that’s why you're not getting the results. You don't plan it properly. I'm talking a little bit about that, I waffle a little bit about that. If you want to change tomorrow, you have to start today.

Are you being held back for shit from your past that you still have to deal with? Why is that delaying change, that sort of thing. 

We're talking very briefly about the benefits and downsides to following a keto diet. Last week we did the Post Partum diet Q and A and I had some questions about that, so we might as well tackle the whole thing briefly. And we're talking about the difference between online programs and real life PT and why James Smith was wrong. A little thing that I posted.  I shouldn't have said his name but not going to record this again. As you know, this is a one take sort of show.

So yeah, I posted something online on Friday because he had answered the question, and I think he was wrong in that. 


“In the news this week” is a little bit about Portugal and I would just like to say thank you and welcome to our listeners in Hong Kong. I charted in Hong Kong this week, which is phenomenal. Very happy about that. We're charting in some of the smaller, smaller nations Iceland. We're still up there. Reykjavik, you're doing a grand job listening. Thank you very much indeed. Gunnarsdotter or Gunnarsson or whoever listens. But that's always much appreciated. And Ireland and Hong Kong and Taiwan for a reason for a little while. Germany, Gutentag and Vielen Dank as always. 

And that brings me to the following. If you like the podcast, give us a like and a subscribe to the podcast. Give us a little rating on Apple. I know our ratings are going very nicely now. I'm very happy with that. Write a little review. “Five stars. Peter is a Jackass”. That's completely fine. Just make sure it's five stars. Right? I don't need your one star review. You can call me a Jackass. Just give me five stars first. Anyways, I'm waffling now. Here we go. It's time to get into it. It’ll be a good one. Like I said, talking about a lot of stuff. Here we go.


Participant #1:

Hey, welcome to the Healthy Postnatal Body Podcast with me. This is the podcast for Sunday the 7th of November. It's Firecracker Weekend or whatever they call it fireworks weekend. And that means the puppies have not been happy. I am joined today by little Pegasus and little Buddy who are finally sound asleep. They were cleaning themselves for way too long so I couldn't start. Kitty is lying out in the hall. Everything is nice and serene, and the other two are downstairs. I hope you've been well, I've not really had much of a chance to ask anything the last couple of weeks. Because we've been doing interviews and interviews and then more interviews. I'm doing another couple this week, but they will be for later in the month or say in the year, but the year is almost finished. Can you believe it? 2021 is almost done. Time flies, right? So let's talk about that for a little bit. 


See, like I said, yesterday starts tomorrow. Tomorrow starts today. Something Fish in his Marrilion days said. And that's me showing my age. Singing; “Yesterday starts tomorrow, tomorrow starts today!” but with a much better voice. I think that's from the “Script for a Jester’s tear” album, but correct me if I'm wrong. And that is from 1980 something or other. So like I said, I'm old.

That's what I want to talk about. I had a chat with somebody the other day about planning for change and the mistake that they made whenever they plan diet. Because you see, there's a lot with diet planning, especially. “I'll start tomorrow”, right. 

And that's what “tomorrow starts today” is about. That bit we're breaking the “yesterday starts tomorrow, tomorrow starts today” bit down. Because if you're planning on starting a diet tomorrow, that means you need to go shopping for that diet today. Right? Let that sink in a little bit. What usually happens for people is that, they plan to start the diet tomorrow and as in they say they'll start a diet tomorrow, but they don't do anything about it today. 

And therefore tomorrow is actually also a wasted day. And I don't know about you, but most people find that their weekend plans massively affect their Monday behaviour. The Monday Tuesday, the weekday behaviour. That means that; if you're planning on starting anything at all on a Monday, you need to already have been prepared for that and be ready for that on a Sunday. The same goes for exercising and all that sort of stuff. Right? 

There's no point saying I'll start with a PT tomorrow if you haven't found the PT yet. It is that simple. It should be booked in. I'll start an exercise routine tomorrow. Fine then plan that today. But if you don't, then you walk around tomorrow, you just have more stuff to do. And that's yet another obstacle that is put in your way. 

The biggest mistake people make when they're planning changes, that they don't plan anything. They think about changing. You're going to change your behaviour tomorrow. But you don't plan for that. So how often have you thought? “Okay, I'll go on a diet tomorrow”. We'll stick to the diet example. But like I said, the same goes for many, many other things. Stick to the diet example. So if you say “I will start the diet tomorrow”, how many meals did you plan in today? How many meals did you buy for today? That is usually where people fail. Usually, they don't do the preparations.

 Is the diet that I'm picking? There's a wide variety of diets available. Whether you're talking keto, which we’ll get back to a little bit later on, or whether you're just talking Weight Watchers or Slimmers World or one of those horrible things over there. You're talking about general just calorific deficit. But through healthy eating, like what Libby spoke about last week.

 If you haven't caught that interview yet, by the way, the Postpartum Diet Q and A. I'd highly recommend it. And like I said, it was a podcast for what was it the 31 October? 

So no matter what you do, you have to plan for that stuff, right? You have to plan your meals. You have to see, first of all, what fits your diet. So when you pick a diet for one, you should probably look into what the diet actually consists of. Are you going high carb or low fat? Are you just going low fat diet? You're going high protein diet, low carb diet.. keto? Are you going to, like I said, restrict your calories? How do you fit whatever diet you're going to do into your daily routine, into your daily life? A lot of people take a diet because someone else recommends it. So say, one of your friends loses a lot of weight on the keto diet or Atkins on a keto diet such as Atkins,

Your temptation may well be “I will also do that”. And that's awesome. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, right? But then you need to plan that in. You need to look at what the diet consists of. What can you do on the diet? What can’t you do on the diet? 

And then how does that fit in with your life and with your lifestyle? If, for instance, you're not a big meat eater, keto is kind of out for you. Keto is very difficult if you don't eat meat. It's possible as long as you eat fish and eggs and all that sort of stuff. But then you need to be even more careful planning it. Right? So say you don't want to eat meat five days a week. Then you need to really plan your meals out to make sure that you'll be able to stick to that particular diet. 

And if you then find that planning the meals is too much effort, then the keto diet is probably not for you. That particular diet is probably not for you. So if you then look at normal calorie restrictions, like what we spoke about last week; cutting out the snacks and all that sort of stuff. If you're saying cutting out snacking, cutting out eating rubbish snacks, because you probably still need to top up your energy stores every few hours for a lot of people. That's a good one 15:00 in the afternoon, so to speak or 10:00 in the morning. So then what are you going to replace your stacks with if you used to having a packet of crisps at 15:00 in the afternoon and you decide that you're going to stop that, but you want to replace it with something so that you're not hungry. You need to be buying your fruit or whatever else you change it out for. 

You need to be doing that the day before. You need to plan that all out and you need to write that down. Then you need to go shopping. And that's where you end up with again. Financially, some of you might have to plan this a bit as well. Going, for instance, on high protein diet is expensive.

So if you don't plan that today, if you don't have your meal plans and all that sort of thing sorted, then you haven't actually planned anything. You're just starting something tomorrow and you're guessing your way through it. That means that on the day itself, you have yet more obstacles in the way as a reason not to start or to start halfhearted. 

So then. “Okay, I'm supposed to be good today” because that's usually what people end up calling, even though it's a horrible term, and you have no idea what fits in with your diet and what doesn't. So you just end up guessing your way through it. And instead of going from A to B, like I always talk about, you take five or six detours and you have no idea what your starting pointing and finish point is. The problem with that often is that on Sunday, we have the motivation. On Saturday, Sunday, we have the motivation to get a lot done. And then on Monday, Tuesday, we don't anymore. So if we don't start appropriately and it gives us no chance of success. And every time we don't succeed, we feel a little obstacle in our way for next time. And that is a bit of a pickle, because you're not going to get results if you do something half-hearted. You’re just kind of not, especially when it comes to diet. And if you then have an obstacle for next time, then you become one of those people saying that's it the diet doesn't work. It is never really a problem with the diet. As long as you're in a calorie deficit, any diet works for weight loss. And as long as you're in a calorie overload and protein overload, you always gain muscle mass and strength and weight. And if you do strength training and all that sort of stuff, then you gain muscle mass. But if you calorie overload, you'll always gain. There's no doubt about it. That is the very basics of science. It all boils down to deficit and overload. 

Then if you look at the second. So plan your tomorrow today. That is really what it's about. If you do not plan your tomorrow today, then you have no chance of succeeding. “The yesterday starts tomorrow” bit that I really like from this quote is that. As Buddy snores in the background, I promise that wasn't me. Yesterday starts tomorrow. Two bits for that. If you have shit from your past that you still have to deal with, if that's delaying change now, then you need to ask yourself why.

 That is because you can change now and deal with things from your past tomorrow. And also on the plus side. The other side of this, yesterday starts tomorrow. If you have any psychoanalysis to do about past poor choices and where you went wrong and all that sort of stuff in the past, that is not something. If it's holding you back, that is not something you need to start with today. 

That can be tomorrow and that can be next week. And it could be the day after. I said before. I always think it's a good idea. If people have stuff to deal with, gets some help, get a counsellor and all that sort of stuff, “talk it out” so to speak. Let it all out so that you can actually deal with it properly. 

But also the nice thing is about yesterday starts tomorrow for me for the phrase and I realize I'm waffling a bit is that when the change has started, right? So tomorrow starts today. So you start the change today and tomorrow you follow up and you get it done. Then everything else is in the past and you can move on and you can just say, “okay, yesterday, my diet was not great, not the way it should be. But today I am on the ball because I've prepared properly. I've made a new start and “they said the whole new year knew me” sort of look, except that it can be a new day new you.

 A lot of people are being held back by poor planning, just not executing things properly. If you sign up for HPNB. A lot of people, I see this a lot now. Obviously, we do the three month free trial and all that sort of stuff. So you sign up for Healthy Post Natal Body And you think “I'm going to sort my Diastasis recti”. The program is there. There's no reason for you to not sign up because it's not going to cost you anything for three months. 

The amount of people that don't log in again after the initial sign up, for another two to three weeks is astonishingly high. Numbers wise, percentage wise, not so much. Let's say about 40%, which I still think is a fair number. So 40% of people that sign up for the three month free trial that plan on starting. So they have the feeling “I think this is a good idea. I'm starting this. I'm going to sign up for this and I'll use this” and their only intention is to sign up for three months. Right. So these are people who will never pay. It's completely fine. I highly encourage people to sign up for three months and then you cancel it if you're done with it. Right? I'm more than happy with that. 

But the amount of people that I don't then see log on again for another week or two is round about 40%. And that is just because the motivation is there but the planning isn't. In a lot of cases. Of course, stuff always can come up.  But in a lot of cases, the motivation is there but the planning isn’t. You haven't actually put the daily workouts into your calendar. There's not a routine yet that at 07:00 in the morning, you do a quick ten minute exercise routine or at lunchtime or whenever. And if that isn't in your diary, it's not your habit. You kind of forget. 

For a lot of postpartum women especially, there's other stuff to do. There's always a reason not to do it. It's always easy to forget before, you know, the afternoon has passed and it's evening and it's putting the kids to bedtime and then you get a quiet bit of time and you don't feel like it anymore, right? 

You have to plan this stuff in. Like I said, it's always a bit of a shame. I'm trying to find a way to encourage people to start sooner rather than later, but I can't really figure out how to do that. Other than Jess, who helps me out, HPNB is pretty much one man band, and it's just me throwing money at the wall, hoping it sticks. So get your planning properly. Plan it all in. When it comes to exercise routines; If you buy or get access to an exercise routine or you have a gym membership, start putting it in your diary. It's easy for me as well. I've been meaning to make an appointment with a physio for the past two weeks because my left shoulder now is acting up. I've got a bit of problem with that, and I've got private health care, so I get X amount of physio appointments for free. I just need to phone the insurance company and tell them that that's what I need to do. I keep forgetting about it. And every evening when the insurance line insurance company’s no doubt closed, I stretch my arm straight out and it really hurts. “Oh, yeah, I forgot. I'm in pain”. So I'm not saying that this doesn't apply to me, but it applies to all these other things and put it in your diary, right? If I put it in my diary to do for tomorrow. So that tomorrow afternoon I'll remember to actually get it done because otherwise stuff just doesn't happen.

Plan your stuff properly, pencil it in, look at things properly. It's okay to plan something for a week. It is more than okay to say I'm going to start a new diet, not tomorrow because it doesn't always have to be tomorrow or after the weekend or anything. But you know, what are we today? The 7th of November. So say I'll start it on the 15th. I've given myself a week to plan and to prepare, so I will look up all the nice, again sticking to a keto because we'll come back to that in a little bit. I'll look up all recipes, foods that I like, and how I can eat and how I can prepare. I can fit them into my week. So I'm not just randomly looking at recipes and pick out five, but I'm planning them into my week. So on Monday I'm having burgers and on Tuesday I'm having chicken. What am I having with the chicken? How did I make this tasty? And plan it all in so that by the time Sunday comes or Saturday comes whenever you go to the shop, you get your shopping done. You go out, you do your shopping, you're prepared. You're on the ball for the Monday. You can even maybe do some food prep overnight for the Monday morning if you decided that you're going to do some sort of food prep if that’s required, right? It's so much easier to take a bit of time to plan and then give yourself a proper chance to succeed unlike I did with HPNB..Stupid…Silly, silly me



Right. So planning for now. I've been banging on about that for the best part of 20 minutes policies for that. Let's talk over. I was talking to someone this week because I had some emails after the postpartum diet Q and A. And one of the questions that we had there was Is keto diet safe to do when you're breastfeeding and Libby's opinion? And she's quite right. No, it's not a good idea, not a good idea to do a keto type diet, Atkins or whatever it is. Any sort of low carb diet. It's not a good idea because of the amount of nutrients that you need to pass on to baby and that you need for yourself to function. 

Now they're saying someone sent me an email and a quick phone conversation afterwards saying, “yeah, but I've done Keith for two years and I'm completely fine”. Yes. If you are not breastfeeding and keto is completely fine to do as long as you are really planning it out properly. 

There is a decent way to get enough nutrients in, if you go keto. There's nothing if you go carnivore diet, by the way, that's the extreme, right? 

I basically say, “any diet that means you have to supplement is a poor choice of diet”. But you can definitely go keto. I was blogging about this bit as well, which I haven’t finished yet. Just, you know, I'm a Jackass and it takes me a long, long time to actually get it done. Believe it or not, when you read my crappy Blogs, they actually take longer to do than you think it does.

 So the benefits of keto are quite clear, right? You're full of longer and all that sort of stuff. Because when you eat a lot of protein, eat all the fat. A small amount of food basically keeps you fuller for longer than, say, a high carb, high carb thing does. Especially when you're talking simple carbs, white pasta, white bread. This is why you always hungry after the Chinese, you have a big bowl of rice. And an hour later, you think “I can eat again”. Whereas if you have a big burger or a steak or something like that, you'll be full for a long time. That is one of the benefits of keto over all other diets. 

Another benefit is that it's simple, right? Just eat your fat and protein. You lay off the heavy carbs and you're fine. It's fairly straight forward to stick to. If you like meat, like I said. 

Let's be honest; If you look at a normal plate of food, and I always say half of it should be  vegetables, then there should be a bit of meat on the plate and there should be some carbs on the plate. If you just remove the carbs, then you're still stuck with meat and veg. There's nothing wrong with that, whereas if you go, I don't know vegan and you just remove the meat. I know there's more ways to do it, but if you just remove the meat, then you’re just stuck with veg and carbs.

It's a simple way to do it. It's simple to go keto in a shitty way. This is what I'm saying. That's why people like it.

The tricky thing about keto is that, you need to get all your nutrients in. 

That's where people kind of fall apart a little bit. They don't just remove the carbs, they remove a lot of the vegetables as well. So by carbs, I'm talking about potatoes and rice and all that sort of stuff, but they also remove a lot of the veg because keto rules out quite a lot of fruit and vegetables. 

And if you don't plan that in properly, then it gets a bit more difficult. So as you can have, I don't know; You can make a keto burger. It's basically a burger without the bum. But then to make that a healthy, because obviously you can't eat that way all the time, right? It's keto, but it's not health.To make that healthy you’ll be looking at avocados. You're looking at adding, I don't know, salsa sort of thing to it. You're looking at adding a salad on the side, made of green leafy stuff rather than root vegetables. So carrots are kind of out. But leafy greens, loads of spinach is great. You can have, asparagus you can have I mentioned, avocados, tomatoes and all that sort of stuff. You can add a lot of stuff. But I would always recommend supplementing when you go keto. 

And of course, something about keto. And this is what you really want to pay attention to is that quality matters. And this is again, what most people forget when they go on the keto type diet such as Atkins and all that sort of stuff. 

Quality of meat really matters, and quality of fish really matters if you're removing a fuel component or a full component of your diet, if you think of it like in the way that I wrote this in the blog or I'm writing this in the blog, you can't run a supercar on shitty fuel. You can't just throw cheap fuel into a supercar. 

The engine of the human body is complex. It's really complex enough. You should already be eating high quality stuff ideally. But if you just say that “I'm removing one component from the fuel” and the rest is all just rubbish anyways, because let’s be honest a potato is kind of a potato, right? If you just remove the potatoes and then you just left with low quality meat or something like that, you will really struggle.

Right. So the quality of your food becomes much more important for health and for wellbeing, if it makes up a large chunk of your diet. So if you're constantly eating red meat, make sure it's good quality red meat, because the really cheap, shitty stuff is not as healthy for you. I'm not talking about effects on weight loss because, again, weight loss, very straightforward; calories in calories out. And the reason keto diet works is not because it makes the body burn fat as it's natural resource. It always comes down to a calorific deficit. Right. That should be obvious. I hope that's obvious.

So yes, there are benefits to doing keto. Like I said, it's simple. You don't tend to go as hungry as, it's very straightforward to stick you for a while. If you like meat and all that sort of stuff. Right.

The problems are very straightforward. Again, you're missing out on some nutrients. You're missing out on loads of fruit. For instance, you can work some vegetables and all that sort of stuff, and most of your whole grains and legumes are out. So you really need to make sure that you get your fibre from somewhere. You need to make sure you get your magnesium and all potassium from somewhere.  Iron and sink you can kind of get from red meat. But we know loads of red meat isn't good for us. And of course, you need to make sure you get your like I said, get your fibre in.

 So you need to eat a ton of spinach and all that sort of stuff, greenly free vegetables and making sure that you stay within 100 grams or so of carbohydrates. So yes, it's not all bad for keto. That's not what I'm saying. That's not what Libby said last week at all. She is right in saying that it's difficult to go back to eating properly, so to speak. A lot of people that do keto stay with a keto diet for a long ime, and that's because they're having trouble reintroducing carbohydrates into their daily life because your body does get used to not getting that sort of stuff, which is not necessarily a good thing. 

So reintroducing carbs can be tricky afterwards, which is why I much prefer a normal diet where you just eat less, right? That's fundamentally calorific deficit, that's what it boils down to “Eat less”. Eat healthier. Yeah, sure. But eat less. That's what it boils down to. 

Very quick. I was sent a thing the other day by and I didn't mention his name, the personal trainer in the introduction, but I'm also not going to….. I like James Smith. I do think he's a great PT, or at least I think his videos make. I like his straight talking. I think it makes sense, and I don't mind a bit of swearing, right. But he stuck something up. So this is not about his program, by the way. 

I don't know his program. I've never looked into it. It's not aimed at me, and it's completely fine.

I'm sure it's good, but he said something; someone asked him a question on one of the Q and A things that I think he does or “Is £45 for personal training per hour. Good enough. Is that a fair rate?” And he said, “yes, it's fine. It's still a fiver more than what I charge a month”. 

I said, yeah, but dude, this is the problem I have with a lot of online stuff. I charge for HPNB. I charge £8 a month, $10 a month after three months. If you stick around, it's $10 a month. 

For personal training I charge significantly more, much more. And I know James is the same. He has a base program. I think it's $11 or something like that. So say $10. For a standard program. And then he has an online thing where once a month you get a new program for £40. Ad that's written by one of his one of the guys he works with because I don't think he doesn't himself anymore. I may be wrong on that, but they'll follow his methodology and that's kind of similar to hat I do with Castle, right. I've trained a couple of people up and they follow the same way, the same way of working. 

But if you think that having a once-a-month session online where you just get sent a program essentially, which could well be tailored to you. If they think that's in any way the same as someone standing next to you and training you, you are out of your mind. It is not even close. 

It genuinely does not come close. I am worth about 100 times more than my program is. I genuinely am. And that's not because I'm a super incredible PT. Of course, if you're a shitty PT, then you're not. Then James program will be better than, James's one in a month session is going to be better than a really terrible PT. But if you think that someone standing next to you does not give you better personalized results when they can constantly correct your form. When they constantly check to make sure we should do it when you have a higher level of accountability. If you don't think that's worth at least ten times more than any online program or where you just check in with an anonymous person every now and again you're out of your mind, you really are. And this is something you see a lot online. You see, Jeff Cavalier, of course, sells AthleanX and all sort of stuff. These are just programs, right? Well, what is it…V- sched, and I know James also hates V-shred with the same passion that I do. Mainly because (V-shred) is full of shit whilst pretending that he's not.

 I mean, James does a lot of the same stuff V-shred does, but at least he's open and honest about it. And that's why I like him, right? 

But he's wrong about this.

 If you think that doing a once-a-month online thing with James, even if it was James himself, like I said, he's got the Empire to back this up. So let's say he's an incredible PT. 

I have no reason to doubt that he's good, right? So say he's an incredible PT, and once a month he creates a personalized program for you and you pay £40 for that, then that program will well be worth £40 . There's no doubt in my mind. But if you think that you should not be paying a normal PT significantly more to stand next to you and correct your form and keep you on track and make sure you work on the little things and all that sort of stuff. You're just insane. Online is nowhere near as effective. There is nothing to demonstrate that online is as effective as someone standing next to you, and it doesn't make any sense. 

I'm a cheap PT because I keep my rates deliberately low. So my post-natal package is £700. Right. And that's 24 sessions. So that's 30 times as much as I charge for three months of HPNB; £24 versus £700. And if you don't think that.. In London, I would charge £2000 for that postnatal package while still charging the same amount of money for HPNB, because that is how much I can charge. And like I said, I keep it deliberately low, but the results speak for themselves. 

I always say this; the first session that you book. If you can afford it. Instead of doing an online program, you always get one on one PT with a good quality PT. It's worth its weight in gold. It really is. So the online world has to move away from this idea that they're anywhere near as good as a face to face session with someone who can see how everything works and how everything goes. And a standard program. I don't care what people say. If people come to me and say, I'll pay a £40 a month and I get a once a month, get a personalized program. Most of that personalized program isn't actually that personalized. Because the point of personal training is that someone stands next to you and says “actually, my client didn't know this but XYZ also needs to be done.” You can intervene immediately if something isn't quite right, you can't do that with a once-a-month program. A once-a-month program is what you get at Pure Gym. That's what that is. If you’re a member at Pure Gym or David Lloyd..or any sort of gym, especially Pure Gym and The Gym Group and all that where you can just go up to a PT and say, “Hi, I've done my program for a month. Can I get a new one, please?”

 Yeah, that's your £40 and they charge less a month. So online where the guy doesn't even see you, that doesn't line up at all. So a live PT at £45 pound an hour, who you see once a month or once a week or more than that, ideally, is well worth that money. 

Not necessarily the individual, but definitely as a principle online, it just isn't worth that level of the same level of money. Yeah, technically, you're comparing fruit, but it's apples and pears that you're comparing. But he says I am £40 less or “I am £5 less”. Yes Dude, I am also a fruit, but it's the same as “Are apples good for you?” “Yes, but they're more expensive than me. And I'm a pear”. I mean, that's not what the question is, you jackass. 

But like I said, it has nothing to do with the quality of James's program. I just happened to disagree on this and it's a problem in the online personal training world that sooner or later, everybody's just trying to sell shit. Everybody falls for it. That's how that came across. And because I was asked, I'll give you the answer. It’s that simple. Anyway, that's 35 minutes of me waffling about absolutely bugger all. So I'm going to leave it there.


Actually; in the news this week. Actually important in the news this week. I read this article on BBC. I think it was BBC, maybe somewhere else I'll link to it about how they handle things in Portugal with regards to COVID vaccination, all that sort of stuff. And I know bang on about COVID vaccination a little bit. But did you know if you look at the numbers in Portugal, they had a horrific winter. And they were miles behind everybody else. And now they have a near 100% vaccination rate and they still wear masks and all that sort of stuff.

 And their numbers have dropped so far below anybody else. It is astonishing. And that shows you the vaccines and the masks, and behaving like an adult, works. So please, the UK is at 66-68% vaccination rate and the numbers are through the roof and hospitals are full. They don't have this problem in countries where the vaccination rate is much higher and where people behave. 

So be sensible. I don't want to see you walking around Tesco not wearing a mask and just coughing on the baguette that I'm going to buy and have for dinner. You filthy animals. 

Anyways, I'll link to that. And if you're not convinced by it.. again, the figures speak for themselves. Have a tremendous week. Like I said, I'm doing some interviews next week. We're talking about something. Oh, supplements. 

Again, supplements have been sent a lot of emails about supplementation, specific NMN and all that sort of stuff. “Life prolonging supplements”. Oh, that'll be good. So I'm getting the studies out this week. It'll be a fascinating, very dry podcast. Anyways, give us a like and a subscribe. Charting. The podcast is charting in several countries now, small countries, but charted in Hong Kong. So welcome to my listeners from Hong Kong. Give us a like subscribe. Give us a review or whatever you do. Tell your friends that I'm out here answering questions. That's kind of all it is. You have a tremendous week and I'll catch up…check in again next week. Bye bye now.