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Debbie Fliehman

Host, Debbie Fliehman, addresses topics at the forefront of businesses today. Follow along as she interviews professionals who share insights into their successes. They'll provide suggestions on how to improve business practices and expand knowledge in a variety of business disciplines and scenarios. Listen to thought leaders talk about issues that impact employees, customers, clients, stakeholders, and consumers. We'll explore strategies that create awareness, gain exposure, influence, and encourage others to take action.Thought Leaders Talk Business taps into the creative minds of successful business professionals and consultants to help you gain a competitive advantage. Your host is Debbie Fliehman, the president of Creative Technical Resources, a marketing communications, advertising, and sales promotion agency. For over 30+ years, Creative Technical Resources has worked on thousands of projects with hundreds of clients ranging from small to large divisions of Fortune 100 corporations.Debbie Fliehman is the author of two business books - Make Success Happen, a book designed to help you become a game-changing marketer. Customer Retention through Quality Leadership - the Baxter Approach, provides a viable model for the design and implementation of successful customer retention programs. This book was made possible after Debbie's in-depth involvement in the implementation of the quality improvement process at Baxter.Through this podcast, Debbie Fliehman is excited about sharing her extensive knowledge and experience in marketing communication; advertising; sales promotion; public relations; conventions and trade shows; special events; management consulting; strategic planning; publications; training and education; audio and video production; social media; and budgeting. She is excited about the initial podcast lineup of professionals. These amazing individuals have stories to tell, experience to share and tools, tips, and techniques you can walk away with and apply at your workplace. Among many exciting topics, we'll include marketing, communication, strategy, implementation, execution, planning, marketing research, enterprise transformation, business development, becoming a game-changing marketer, lean, quality leadership, customer retention, sales techniques, gap analysis, employee recruitment, data analytics, employee retention, incentives and motivation, and a lot more.We're looking forward to having you join us and taking an active role in our content development. If you'd like to be a guest on Thought Leaders Talk Business, or if you know of someone who has an exciting story of success and achievement, call Debbie at 847-902-4175 or email her at [email protected] A special acknowledgment and thanks go to Matthew Ferraro composer and producer. If you are interested in commissioning original music for your next production, contact Matthew at [email protected]
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