Thought Leaders - Talk Business

Debbie Fliehman, Host of Thought Leaders Talk Business, Speaks on Proven Steps to Communicate with Intention

June 18, 2020 Debbie Fliehman Season 1 Episode 4
Thought Leaders - Talk Business
Debbie Fliehman, Host of Thought Leaders Talk Business, Speaks on Proven Steps to Communicate with Intention
Show Notes

Debbie Fliehman, host of Thought Leaders Talk Business, speaks on proven steps to communicate with intention. Debbie is the president of Creative Technical Resources, Inc. a marketing communication, advertising and sales promotion agency. For over 30 years, her agency has worked on thousands of projects with hundreds of clients ranging from small to large divisions of Fortune 100 corporations. She is the author of Make Success Happen - Seven Steps to Developing a Marketing Plan. This book was designed to help you become a game changing marketer.

Have you ever felt as though your marketing efforts to communicate with your various audiences are all over the place? If so, you might need a process that includes proven tools and techniques for productive communication. Your preparatory work will involve identifying your various audiences: customers, clients, prospects, employees, suppliers, stakeholders, board, trustees, members, influencers, investors, etc. and what results you want to realize by communicating with each. This process begins with:

Organizing a Team - identify people who have different skills, who can work together, and who can review and contribute information to make your plan of action relevant and the best it can be.

Developing Purpose Statements - take time to develop: Mission (what you are and what you do), Vision (where you're going and what you're going to look like in the future), and Values (establishing guidelines for behavior).

Creating Corporate Identity - be certain that your identity - your brand - is consistently used when communicating with your various audiences, no matter which leg of your plan it falls on.

Identifying Opportunities for Engagement - group your audiences into categories, including an objective and what is important to them, then identify how you can best communicate with this group.

Selecting Activities - identify each audience category, the elements needed to communicate with each and define the differences including the methods for measuring results of each element.

Preparing Budget - prioritize activities to determine how and where your budget should be allocated, and gather cost estimates for every step to keep you on track and within your overall budget.

Implementing and Evaluating - develop a detailed calendar of events, list each activity and the cost estimate for that activity. You'll be in a better position to make adjustments, measure results, stay on target, within a time line, and on a budget.

Creating a fluid and interactive plan requires determination, fortitude, and an expression of creative skill, knowledge, experience, and imagination.

If you're interested in reading the book, Make Success Happen: Seven Steps to Developing a Marketing Plan, visit - Books - Deborah Galiffa Fliehman Make Success Happen.

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