You Have To Believe Things Will Get Better With Author & Therapist Jill Sylvester - Remastered

June 30, 2022 Kerry Brett
You Have To Believe Things Will Get Better With Author & Therapist Jill Sylvester - Remastered
Show Notes

This episode aired two years ago and is still current today. It’s packed with great information! And tune in next week when we bring Jill Sylvester back for more powerful tips around online dating. 

Jill Sylvester is a licensed mental health counselor and author of "Trust Your Intuition." In this week’s episode, Jill teaches us the importance of trusting yourself and listening to your intuition when dating. Jill shows us how to transform anxiety and depression for stronger mental health. It's time to trust our inner navigation system and truly raise the bar to find love. 

Jill works with individuals in personal development. In her private practice, she has successfully guided thousands of client sessions toward stronger health, wellness, and transformation. Jill also works with people to deepen their understanding of the language of energy and intuition. She is the host of the podcast "Trust Your Intuition" and the author of 3 books. Jill's passion is helping individuals see past the darkness to find the light. This is such a powerful episode for single people looking to make a shift.

Kerry Brett and Jill Sylvester cover a lot of ground. Topics include:
The importance of trusting your intuition.
How to move the energy of feeling stuck.
How to keep yourself buoyant through challenging times.
The power of setting intentions.
Getting clear about what you want and setting  boundaries.
How to silence "gremlins" your lower vibration inner voice.
Why positive shifts take discipline and consistency.
Daily practices that set you up for success.
The power of affirmations.
Checking yourself and your part in the chaos.
How anxiety isn't a bad thing, it's a gift.
How to transition into new energies.
Life gets better when you choose to listen to your intuition.
Why emotional awareness is key.
The value of the enough is enough prayer.

For more information about Jill Sylvester, you can find her at Listen to her podcast, "Trust Your Intuition," or purchase her books on her website or Amazon.