Flip The Victim Mode Script And Get In Your Power With Author & Therapist Jill Sylvester

July 06, 2022 Kerry Brett
Flip The Victim Mode Script And Get In Your Power With Author & Therapist Jill Sylvester
Show Notes

Too often, we default to victim mode when dating, and falling into this mindset hurts our results. Today's guest is Jill Sylvester, a licensed therapist and author of the book, Trust Your Intuition. Jill helps us avoid staying stuck, feeling bad about our past mistakes, and how to find confidence in our abilities. Summer is the time to be out dating, and there is no reason to hold ourselves back. Why are we waiting months, weeks, or days to find love? Jill shares how she helps her clients realize the time is now and, most importantly, how to change their mindset. Because when you change how you feel about yourself, everything will change! Jill discusses the power of setting intentions, manifestation and trusting your intuition.

Jill's also a speaker, host of the podcast Trust Your Intuition and author of the book Trust Your Intuition: 100 Ways to Transform Anxiety and Depression for Stronger Mental Health, and author of the young adult novels, The Land of Blue and Devon: Dream Agent Series. Her work deals with personal growth and development, intuition, and energy. Jill teaches by focusing on your power, you raise the standards for your life, ultimately affecting the world around you. She has successfully guided thousands of client sessions in her private practice toward stronger health, wellness, and transformation. Jill's passion is helping others see past the darkness to find the light. 

Kerry Brett and Jill Sylvester cover a lot of ground. Topics include;
How to find the next thing that helps you find joy and get out of pain.
Why goals need to be fed every day.
How to align with the force to make a change. 
How to flip the script with action. What are you doing to move forward? Find one thing each day to do to move forward.
Why it's so important to flex the muscle of worthiness and remind ourselves that we are worth it.
Jill's tips around working on the worthiness piece.
How to get out of victim mode.
Start somewhere – put it out there, do one thing to bring that person towards you.
Why you need to stop worrying about what other people think.
You can't hold a negative thought and a positive thought at the same time. Chose the positive thought.
How to avoid perfection – and why you have the opportunity to get it right every day.

To find out more about Jill Sylvester, go to her website All of Jill's books can be found on Amazon. Listen to her podcast Trust Your Intuition and follow her on Instagram @jillsylvester.