That Attractor Factor: Raven Blair Glover Interviews Kerry Brett

August 04, 2022 Kerry Brett
That Attractor Factor: Raven Blair Glover Interviews Kerry Brett
Show Notes

This week is a special bonus episode! Kerry Brett, the host of Shot@Love is interviewed by Raven Blair Glover, the Talk Show Maven and the founder of Power Me Up Radio, on iHeart Radio. We discuss the biggest challenge single’s face and that is fear. Fear of the unknown–that potentially someone won’t like us, or that no one will love us. But once we realize these are just storylines we tell ourselves as a form of protection, and it’s simply not true. If we believe these lies, it only serves one purpose and one purpose only to hold us back. In this interview, Kerry and Raven discuss what finding love looks like in 2022 and how it’s possible for you. I hope this conversation motivates and inspires you to believe in yourself and give online dating a try!

In this interview Raven Blair Glover and Kerry Brett cover a lot of ground. Topics include;

If you are afraid to date take small actions and more opportunities will present.
People shut down because of failed relationships and past setbacks, how to change your mindset around the past.
You can manifest love just like you manifested a car, a job and home. We all have that attractor factor within us. We have to trust it, trust ourselves and trust the process.
It’s time to live out your dreams rather than your fears. You owe it to yourself to try.
Stop aimlessly swiping and get passionate about taking action and be consistent with the follow through and you will get results.
How you decide to date all comes to how you feel about yourself.
How to overcome the storylines that are created in your mind.
The importance and power of the leading photograph.
How to remove blocks around finding love.
How to manage the online dating overwhelm.
Why the beauty lies in your imperfections.

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