How To Sort Through Profiles Like A Pro With Amy Nobile - Founder Of Love, Amy

September 15, 2022 Kerry Brett
How To Sort Through Profiles Like A Pro With Amy Nobile - Founder Of Love, Amy
Show Notes

This week, we welcome back Amy Nobile, the founder of Love, Amy, a dating concierge service based in NYC that helps you find love. Did you know amazing people are disguised as mediocre profiles all over these dating apps? Today, Amy shows us how to sort through profiles like a pro, clarify our core values and why we shouldn't be so quick to judge. She shares why it's important to show who you are every step of the way and how to put the fun back into dating. Showing up as yourself - not your representative; will make you shine and stand out from the rest! Amy discusses her strategies around finding love online, and she encourages you to laugh at yourself when you make mistakes and why it's crucial to have little self-compassion. 

Amy Nobile is an entrepreneur, a mother of two, married young, divorced after 20 years of marriage, then found love on Bumble, recently got engaged, and created a whole new life for herself. Her online dating journey made such an impact that she decided to share with others what worked for her, and Love, Amy was born. She's different from most "Dating Coaches" because she takes a holistic, inside-out look at who you are and what makes you unique, helps you narrow in on your core values, and zone into who you truly want to attract. Amy is a successful author who's published four books. Love, Amy has been featured in the New York Times, Business Insider, and the Today Show. Amy is back to share how to be successful in online dating and ultimately find love.

Kerry Brett and Amy Nobile cover a lot of ground. Topics include;

*Why you should have blind faith that you will find love
*Why your dating success comes down to your mindset, attitude, and belief system
*The importance of highlighting your gifts and why you should be specific and include what makes you uniquely special
*Why being specific and adding the details around what you want in a partner will help you stand out
*Why you should add photographs you think you shouldn't include will set you apart
*How to flirt and have chemistry over texts
*Why to cut cords in the beginning
*Why Amy recommends dressing down for the first date
*Ice breakers and great questions to ask on a date
*Why the profile is not the person
*Amy's famous 30-minute mini screener dates
*Why your profile should reflect where you are in life
*How to bring back the fun in dating Kristin Wiig style