Hungry For Love? With LunchDates Executive Matchmaker Jill Vandor

October 20, 2022 Kerry Brett
Hungry For Love? With LunchDates Executive Matchmaker Jill Vandor
Show Notes

Finding that connection and being in a relationship is one of the most critical things in our lives. The million-dollar question is, how do we find that? Or is there another way to find love other than a dating app? Today we’ll find out! This week's guest is Jill Vandor, she’s a dating and relationship coach, love extraordinaire and executive matchmaker at LunchDates - Boston's locally owned matchmaking service that is celebrating 40 years in business. She's been responsible for relationships , marriages, children, and grandchildren. Finding love is serious business for Jill; and in this episode she’ll share how it's done!

Jill Vandor, is an executive matchmaker, dating and relationship coach with over 25 years in the dating industry. Jill has made a career out of getting people into serious relationships. She’s been featured in the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, the New York Times and Chronicle on WCVB Channel 5 Boston. She is the go-to for successful single professionals in the Greater Boston area as a matchmaker, dating coach and all-around dating expert. Jill and I recently shared the stage at the Great Love Debate that was hosted by Brian Howie at Boston City Winery and I’m so excited to have her on Shot@Love today.

Kerry Brett and Jill Vandor cover a lot of ground. Topics include;

Being present on the date and why you should be genuinely interested in the other person.
Why you should ask a lot of follow up questions on the date.
Jill’s tips for first and second dates.
Why you should avoid talking about your ex, dating in general, and your past history.
Stay away from controversial subjects such as religion or politics.
In dating there will be ups and downs but whatever you do don’t take yourself out of the game.