Dating Fatigue: How To Cope And Conquer With Business Coach Michelle Oliver

October 27, 2022 Kerry Brett
Dating Fatigue: How To Cope And Conquer With Business Coach Michelle Oliver
Show Notes

Today's topic is how to avoid dating fatigue. Are you burned out from swiping, uninspired by conversations over text, or feeling hopeless when it comes to dating? This week's guest is going to shift our mindset, and her name is Michelle Oliver, she's a business coach, and she's going to show us how we can reframe our thinking so we can cope and continue on our journey (that doesn't need to be so difficult) of finding love. Michelle will share strategies around being open to the unexpected, not taking things to heart, managing our expectations, and having fun along the way.

Michelle has been professionally training and coaching within the small business sector over the last 34 years. For over 30 years, she's been a student of personal development. She's held countless live trainings and workshops and was personally mentored by several high-performance athletic and business trainers, including Peter McLaughlin. She studied and trained with Success Motivation Institute and the Pacific Institute, working as a sale’s professional trainer and coach. Much of her life has been "in-the-trenches" business experience, having built 6 small businesses in various industries. She offers transparent conversations and relevant, valuable content, sharing everything she’s learned of the mosteffective approaches to growing a business, mindset, and skills online and offline.

Kerry Brett and Michelle Oliver recently did a live stream about overcoming dating fatigue which has inspired this episode. Together they cover a lot of ground. Topics include;

How to motivate yourself when things aren’t going well.
How to manage expectations and having zero attachment.
How to move away from disappointment or feelings of discontentment.
Why it’s important to have better thoughts and feelings, leading to a better outcome.
Why it’s important to look at a date as a new business opportunity, an opportunity to make a new friendship, or learn something new.
How to look towards possibilities and move away from the lies we tell ourselves.
How to look for alternate way of meeting new people.

To find out more about Michelle Oliver go to her website www.iammichelleoliver.comor follow her on Instagram @iammichelleoliver and all social media under the same name.