Move On! With Moms Moving On Author Michelle Dempsey-Multack

January 30, 2023 Kerry Brett
Move On! With Moms Moving On Author Michelle Dempsey-Multack
Show Notes

Today's topic is Moving on! Moving on is a time to level up, learn how to step into our power to create the life we want, and go for it! Michelle Dempsey-Multack, knows all about Moving On; she’s written a book about it and host's the podcast Moms Moving On sharing her advice as a Divorce & Co-Parenting specialist. You can embrace this time and realize nothing is holding you back. It's time to decide what we want to change while consciously choosing to build a better life for ourselves. Michelle shares how she found beauty in a situation that almost broke her. And why your cup isn't half full of half empty, it’s refillable because loss leaves you in a place to be filled up with all good things. And why, damn it – it feels so good to be moving on! 

Michelle Dempsey-Multack is a writer, mom, coach, speaker, and genuine girl power enthusiast. Michelle attended American University as a Journalism major, graduated from Hofstra’s communications program with a bachelor’s degree in Communications, and then earned a Double Master’s Degree in Education from Adelphi University. Originally from New York, Michelle moved to Miami in her late 20’s, where the “second part of her life” began. She married her daughter’sfather, got divorced and years later remarried and lives in North Miami Beach raising a beautiful blended family. She’s been featured in US Weekly, Parents Magazine, Scary Mommy, Forbes, Elite Daily, Ocean’s Drive, HuffPost, NBC, and Good Morning America to name a few.

In this episode Michelle shares her wisdom, and life experiences that will help anyone in the process of Moving On. 

Kerry Brett and Michelle Dempsey-Multack cover a lot of ground. Topics include;

Your break-up or divorce should be the center of your universe not your friends center. Why you should have boundaries with friends.
How to manage the rage when you are left alone to pick up the pieces.
Why journaling is a practice to manage your fears, anxiety or what you want for your future.
How to unravel and manage gaslighting.
How to learn to trust yourself again when moving on.
How Michelle learned to move away from toxic men out of the fear of being alone.
Why we need to remind ourselves or remind our children that we don’t settle, and we don’t let people treat us for less than we are worth.
There is a big difference between being alone and lonely.
The what if and the what is very helpful for parents who are in the beginning of co-parenting. 
Why can’t see clearly when you are run by emotion.
Boundaries will be your best friend when moving on.
No response is a response and why you don’t need to have the last word.

To find out more about Michelle Dempsey-Multack or purchase her book Moms Moving On go to Follow on Instagram at @themichelledempsey and listen to her podcast Moms Moving On on all platforms.