Frozen In Fear? Or Putting Your Best Foot Forward With Clarity Coach Diana Morris

January 13, 2021 Kerry Brett Season 3
Frozen In Fear? Or Putting Your Best Foot Forward With Clarity Coach Diana Morris
Show Notes

Do you fear joining a dating site or fear online dating in general? Then this episode is for you! Get ready to face your fears head-on and stop limiting your potential. Today's guest is Diana Morris, she's a clarity coach, and she's going to help us remove blocks while showing us how to become fearless in finding love. When we come back, Diana will discuss why it's our responsibility to recognize the fear and do it anyway because the possibility of what could go right outweighs what could go wrong.

Diana was a high performer who excelled at her job but found herself in a situation of no fault of her own. The College that Diana worked for did some unforeseen restructuring, and the result was she was laid off. She knew it was her responsibility to create the life she wanted to live. Since that moment of truth––she started two businesses, wrote and published numerous books, became a Clarity Coach––while traveling the world as a keynote speaker. 

Diana is a genius!  She can help people who feel stuck better than anyone I know. Many of us have experienced the loss of a job or a relationship during this Pandemic. Life felt out of our control for many reasons in 2020, but this is a New Year with new goals. We will discuss why many people feel terrified or even paralyzed when deciding to join online dating. I will share a recent coaching call with Diana and discuss how I face fears myself.

Diana and I cover a lot of ground and topics include:

Fear isn't real; it's an illusion.
It is our responsibility to show up so the universe can guide that right person towards you.
If you want to change your life dramatically, it requires you to get uncomfortable by doing something you've never done before.
Look at what is possible, what will go right instead of looking at what can go wrong.
You are already more ready than you give yourself credit for.
Sometimes people get so caught up in EVERYTHING working they forget they just need something to work.
Remember that you're not looking for 100 percent yes, your just looking for one yes that might start an exciting and beautiful chapter.
Congratulate yourself on progress and wins.

Diana helps others navigate through transitions, pinpoint what they want in their lives, and show them how they can get it. To find out more about Diana Morris, she can be found on or on Instagram @dianaramorris.