Love From Monaco with THE METHOD Creator, Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny

April 23, 2021 Kerry Brett Season 3
Love From Monaco with THE METHOD Creator, Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny
Show Notes

Today's guest is Ingrid De La Mare – Kenny. Ingrid went from thriving in the fashion industry as a stylist on Sex in the City and styling shoots at Vogue to serving time in federal prison for selling jeans on eBay. This story is unbelievable seriously! After serving 15 months, she was exonerated. Ingrid is the mother of three, who got divorced then moved herself and her children from NYC to Monaco, where she started a new life and career. Ingrid developed the workout The Method, built the brand Gangster Chic, and wrote her Memoir "Fuck My Life." She started over dating at the age of 33, found love, and remarried years later. Ingrid is the epitome of a survivor and a gold medalist in reinvention. Today Ingrid shares her incredible story of how she, against all odds, used her adversities to succeed and propel herself fromshackles to living a charmed life in Monte Carlo.

 Ingrid was the girl who seemed to have it all and then lost it all. Raised by wealthy French parents, she married her first love, fresh out of college in Miami Beach. She followed her handsome Jewish husband to his native New York and quickly became the "It girl" of Fashion Week. Ingrid faced her share of challenges: the tragic loss of her father, an oppressive marriage, and her firstborn being diagnosed with Autism. 

Her story is about a mother's life-long fight, the sacrifices she made for her children and how she found a way back to them. Ingrid is a graduate of NYU Law School, the CEO of The Method, her own Pilates protocol that she developed and patented 348 unique movements, the founder of Gangster Chic lifestyle and host of the podcast Pardon My French. 

Kerry Brett and Ingrid De La Mare–Kenny cover a lot of ground. Topics include:
Don’t be a prisoner of anything, dating, your relationship or diet.
Why you should find freedom in your love story.
Why when you meet someone you shouldn’t fit into their mold.
Don’t dress for woman or for men, dress for yourself.
If people can’t accept your past move on.
Whatever setbacks you have in life don’t create a self -made prison around the past. Fostering thoughts around fear, shame or regret will only hold you back.
Own your story like Ingrid.
Big shifts happen when you change the little things, not the big things.

To find out more about The Method Founder and CEO, Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny or the Gangster Chic Lifestyle Brand go to Purchase her book Fuck My Life: The Memoir of a Chic Gangster on Amazon. Listen to her podcast Pardon My French on all platforms and follow on Instagram @ingriddelamarekenny