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Underground Hardware: A Cyberpunk Podcast

Neon Vandal

A 90 minute Cyberpunk inspired podcast from the underbelly of the Megalopolis - Playing underground electronic music from the past present and future of various genres with that gritty, but futuristic Cyberpunk vibe - whether that's Synthwave, Jazz, Ambient, Digital Hardcore, Electro, Breakcore, Techno, Dub, Industrial, Drum N Bass, Vaporwave, Glitch, Instrumental Hip Hop, Breakbeat etc, as long as it has that "vibe" it will go on the playlist. Also conducting interviews with Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk inspired indie film makers and underground music producers.If you are an artist, and you love that Blade Runner/Ghost In The Shell/Altered Carbon/Akira/ Neuromancer/Burning Chrome/2077 vibe like me, and you would like me to spin something suitable on the show that you have produced , please send me a link, and I'll get back to you!