Nourished Connections

107. Finding High-Quality Friends

January 29, 2022 Health Coach Heather
Nourished Connections
107. Finding High-Quality Friends
Show Notes

This week's episode is up, and it's a long one, so get ready to take lots of notes! Finding high-quality friends can be real tricky in this day and age. When I say high quality, I mean the people who push you to move into action and become your very best. So in this episode, I'll give you some great tips on finding your tribe of people.

Refer back to Episode 34- Show me your friends, and I'll show you your future.

Some of the best points to listen to are:
-[08:56] Analyze yourself, your values, attributes, etc.
-[13:05] Manuals- Lose them!
-[20:03] When friends change their values

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