The UnNoticed Entrepreneur - Candid conversations with entrepreneurs on how their business got noticed. Podcast Artwork Image

The UnNoticed Entrepreneur - Candid conversations with entrepreneurs on how their business got noticed.

Jim James

Candid conversations with entrepreneurs on how their business got noticed. The best mentor for a business owner is another business owner, one who isn't selling anything but who is explaining how they have solved a problem; in this case the problem of how to build a reputation. Long in-the-tooth international entrepreneur, Jim James shares the mic with business owners from around the world and in various industries to discover what works and what doesn't when it comes to building a brand in order to build revenue. Each episode is approximately twenty minutes because as entrepreneurs we pay for our own time, and it's the one commodity we can't buy. Join Jim and his guests to learn from your peer group how to build a brand so that you can move your business to the next step; raising money, selling, or transferring to the next generation of owners. A business has to be more than the founder, and this show provides practical information from entrepreneurs who have already made the progress you may be looking for.
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