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The Student Affairs Job Search

Dave Eng, EdD

Welcome to the Student Affairs Job Search by the Job Hakr. The Student Affairs Job Search is hosted by Dave Eng. On the student affairs job search we dive deeply into the steps needed to move forward in our careers. Find out more at This podcast is one way to make the most out of your student affairs career. But if you want to dive more deeply and get some additional tips on your search then a great place to the eBook “Getting Started in your Student Affairs Job Search.” You can download it for free at can also get a full transcript of each episode including links to references in the description or show notes. If you like this show, please consider commenting, sharing, and subscribing. Subscribing is absolutely free and ensures that you’ll get the next episode of The Student Affairs Job Search delivered directly to you. I’d also love it if you took some time to rate the show!I live to lift others with learning. So, if you found this episode useful, consider sharing it with someone who could benefit.You can find more information by visiting:https://www.jobhakr.com

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