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The Relax Into Love Podcast

Teal Elisabeth

Teal Elisabeth, CEO of Relax Into Love Coaching, reveals all of her deepest truths, experiences and tools about Love and Relationships so that you can learn what it takes to Relax into Love - both with yourself, and with a parther. Through this podcast, we'll be unpacking the concepts of feminine energy to genuinely magnetize high quality men, how to cultivate deeper self love and soul connection within yourself, and the expansion into evolved spiritual partnership with your man. Relax Into Love Coaching spans the globe, supporting hundreds of women around the world in RADICAL transformation from the inside out - both for themselves and their relationship. Teal runs her company as a digital nomadic entrepreneur alongside her fiance of 7 years - living a truly "out of the box" life and shares her own personal stories and lessons of her journey to truly living the life of her wildest dreams.This podcast is a mix of powerful solo episodes directly channeled from Teal, as well as hosted interviews she's featured on and a few special guests sprinkled throughout. Perfect for ambitious, powerhouse women both single, dating or in relationships looking for more juiciness and deep connection.The Relax into Love Podcast is a beautiful blend of the Metaphysical with the Physical - bringing in concepts such as the law of attraction and NLP along with every day practical advice. Get ready to learn what it takes to effortlessly embody your highest expanded self, and attract the deeply, soul - nourishing relationship you want with a partner. Hit subscribe, and let's get started.
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