The Relax Into Love Podcast


April 04, 2020 Teal Elisabeth Season 1
The Relax Into Love Podcast
Show Notes

After a lot of requests and the current state of affairs, it's time to discuss all things SOCIAL DISTANCING & DATING.

Whether you're single, and in isolation feeling a bit confused on how to get out there in the dating scene when everyone is at home...

Or you're in a relationship but not moved in and are feeling the pulls of "long distance"...

Teal will share how to make the most of this time of quarantine and still feel "productive" in your love life!

This episode is packed with gold nuggets and actionable takeaways PLUS she will share something super special to help kick your love life into high gear - even while being quarantined <3

This is uncharted territory, and I'm looking forward to coming together to share this time and create a powerful discussion & actionable takeaways.

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