The Relax Into Love Podcast

#54- [LOVE POD TOUR] How to Feel Worthy of Love

October 12, 2021 Teal Elisabeth
The Relax Into Love Podcast
#54- [LOVE POD TOUR] How to Feel Worthy of Love
Show Notes

[Podcast Tour] How to Feel Worthy of Love 

Today’s episode is part of the Worthy in Love Podcast Tour. A little bit about this podcast tour before we get started:

Every day for two weeks, the tour will feature a different episode from a different podcast that gives listeners actionable advice on feeling worthy and attracting a healthy partnership.

You’ll get to different perspectives on how to actually feel worthy in love. Veronica has specially curated this list of podcasts to ensure that you get the most actional, BS-free support to help you feel more worthy in love. 

Yesterday’s episode was over on the Mates & Dates Podcast hosted by Damona Hoffman. Tomorrow’s episode is over on the Love Life Connection Podcast Hosted by Veronica Grant. (Check out the whole event at

And today it’s me! I’m kicking off the show today with a mini-masterclass on my 3 guided action steps to help you feel 110% aligned to your higher confident, loving worthy self... starting from the inside out.

I'll be giving you detailed reflection questions and journal prompts for you to deepen your curiosity & awareness around why you may be feeling "not enough". 

Then I'll provide specific tools to help you create a roadmap to blast through those fears / insecurities so you can start embodying your highest, most fully authentic expressed self and be ready to receive your ideal partnership.

My bonus gift to you: Schedule your free 30 minute breakthrough call with me here: