Highly Optimized

Episode 109: How To Make Every Day The Best Day Of Your Life (feat. Mychal Prieto)

June 08, 2022 Ryan Sprague Season 1 Episode 109
Highly Optimized
Episode 109: How To Make Every Day The Best Day Of Your Life (feat. Mychal Prieto)
Show Notes

It is said that the journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. As someone who has passion oozing out of every fiber of my being, I found myself becoming challenged in taking the big picture of my dreams & goals & solidifying them down to that first single step. This being said, I was able to transmute this challenge by meeting others who allowed me to stop taking myself so seriously in them showing me that not only was anything I dreamt of possible, but that it was in the individual steps that the true FUN could be tuned into. Sharing his time on the show with us today is a man who has had MANY steps in his journey of 1,000 miles, yet has been able to integrate each of these individual steps into the beautiful, ever evolving journey he has embarked upon within his experience of life. He is a holistic movement expert who has spread his love for movement into realms such as yoga, teaching classes for organizations such as inner dimension TV which allows anyone, anywhere in the world to benefit from his wealth of yoga knowledge, kettlebell fitness, where he has incorporated the aspects of strength into the lives of those he serves in a unique way that, different from most strength coaches, brings forth presence & flow & as a movement director, having led projects for prestigious organizations such as Nike Yoga. If this wasn’t enough, he is also allowing countless individuals he works with to reinstate ceremony into the ancient practice of hunting through his business, ahimsa ceremonial hunting, which seeks to allow them to deepen their connection to themselves, food & Mother Earth through ancient practices of hunting & yogic wisdom. This episode is sure to light the fire of inspiration within each of you, allowing you to re-imagine what is possible for you in your life & ensure you are leaving nothing on the table when you transition out of this world.

Show Notes:

(3:40) How to cultivate energy and how a glass half full mentality helps.

(8:07 ) Join the Highly Optimized Ceremony Circle!

(12:44) Staying consistent with practice and the benefits it brings.

(22:30) Working smarter not harder & how to properly wind down.

(32:38) Learn more about the Connect With Cannabis program!

(42:20) Hacking the system to have your cake and eat it too (gluten free, of course ;).

(48:30) Ceremonial hunting, raising the consciousness of planet earth & allowing your self to be vulnerable. 

(52:53) Michael shares a how a plant medicine ceremony helped him realize his destiny.

(1:07:35 ) Where you can reach Michael Prieto.

(1:08:32) FINAL Question.

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