Highly Optimized

Episode 108: The Art of Enjoying Your Life To The Fullest (feat. Miguel Felix)

June 01, 2022 Ryan Sprague Season 1 Episode 108
Highly Optimized
Episode 108: The Art of Enjoying Your Life To The Fullest (feat. Miguel Felix)
Show Notes

As I imagine you have all been able to tell at this point, I adore podcasting. For me, life is the most beautiful when I am able to have conversations with like minded individuals who allow me to realize that in our truest sense, we are all much more similar than we might realize. Within this realm of conversations, however, some of my favorite are when I have the opportunity to speak to individuals who also podcast, as I find podcasters to be those individuals who share my passion for conversating as if it is a spiritual practice, as it is for me. Stopping by to hang & create some magic on the show today is an individual who I am super stoked to dive in to all the aspects of his journey with. From his own journey into health & wellness, to achieving feats such as meeting the Dalai Llama, to beginning his podcast, the “Good Demand” podcast, in which he speaks with leading experts to illuminate for his listeners the tips & pieces of wisdom they have for others in their journey of life, he has been on a roll to not only give his experience of life a full send, but to also ensure he has the most fun doing it. 

Show Notes: 

(3:00) Miguel’s Journey & the challenges of having a high achieving mindset.

(15:30) Learn more about the Connect with Cannabis program!

(18:40) Being a human being not a human doing & accepting people for who they are.

(26:53) Join the Highly Optimized Ceremony Circle!

(28:09) Inspirations for starting a podcast & magnificent people influencing the world.

(37:29) The divine masculine & tips about being open minded.

(51:00) The ability to get uncomfortable & sticking out.

(1:06:40) Where to find Miguel. 

(1:09:00) FINAL Question!

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