Highly Optimized

Episode 106: Healing Ourselves Through High Quality Food (feat. Kathy Davis)

May 18, 2022 Ryan Sprague Season 1 Episode 106
Highly Optimized
Episode 106: Healing Ourselves Through High Quality Food (feat. Kathy Davis)
Show Notes

Over 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates stated to “let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food.” I imagine at the time of him stating that, he truly believed that people would quickly catch on & that would be the end of that story, however, when we look around at the world today, it’s easy to see that something became lost in translation. With much of our food in the present day being poisoned with herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, rodenticides & glyphosate, to name but a few, it is more important than ever that we revisit what real food is & how to go about optimizing our diet/nutrition if we wish to live a life in which we can feel truly healthy within. Stopping by the show to drop some deep knowledge & wisdom on the subjects of food & nutrition with us today is a woman who has made it her life’s mission to educate those looking to learn on the importance of not just the subject of food as a whole, but, more specifically, the benefits of eating whole, plant based foods for increased energy, vitality & well being. She is a self proclaimed plant based foodie by passion & has become dedicated to this mission in persevering through her own challenges with nutrition in which she found herself feeling frustrated with weight gain in 2019 & made it her mission to take that challenge & learn the lessons stemming from within it. In doing so, she discovered her love for helping others do the same & has done so through her amazing educational channel on YouTube, Veginspired, her 12 month plant based lifestyle coaching program & the numerous amounts of free recipes & tips she offers through her various online platforms for those looking to up-level not only their health, but their amount of FUN in reaching their health goals. 

Show Notes:

(3:02) Kathy’s beginnings in whole plant based foods.

(5:45) Easy actionable steps to improve your diet.

(14:35) Not breaking the bank to eat healthy & the importance of eating the right things at the right time.

(22:15) Changing the way you think about food & acknowledging we are only as healthy as the planet.

(26:06) The key differences between certain diets.

(33:35) Favorite vegan protein sources.

(38:09) Unlocking your health and having it blossom into other aspects of life.

(44:45) Making sure to maximize the fun in anything you do & the power of individualized support.

(53:45) Favorite recipes & things to watch out for.

(1:02:45) Outro & One last question.

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