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Episode 107: Diving Into Belief Systems & the Importance of Adventure (feat. Matt Gallo)

May 25, 2022 Ryan Sprague Season 1 Episode 107
Highly Optimized
Episode 107: Diving Into Belief Systems & the Importance of Adventure (feat. Matt Gallo)
Show Notes

In the modern era, there seems to be an uprising in the subject of leadership & what it means to be & act as a leader. Since the dawn of time, it has been leaders that have been able to not only guide others in how to live a fulfilling life, but also become friends with the shadow aspects of themselves, such as their fear. These leaders recognized that rather than run from fear or try to ignore it, the best way out of it was to move directly through it. Todays guest on the show is a man who is the embodiment of what leadership looks, feels & acts like. He has been practicing his role in being a leader since he was 12 years old, when he signed up for a leadership camp in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico that had him climbing mountains & making friends with his fear, which would both come in very handy as his life continued into entrepreneurship & starting a family. Currently, his main passion in life, aside from his family, is his 4 day mountain skills & leadership immersion event, called Fit For Adventure. Within this event, he guides others in the ability to wake up the leader archetype living within them & allow them to create the lives of their dreams, as he learned to do for himself throughout his journey into the idea of leadership. For the last 20 years, he has found deep fulfillment in connecting people to their purpose through adventure & trust me when I say that this episode will surely light up your zest for adventure, spark your curiosity into expanding what you believe is possible for you in your life & energize you with the inspiration necessary to achieve these things & more.

Show Notes:

(7:02) Validation.

(12:34) Your personality is your personal reality.

(19:43) Check out Freedombuilderz.com!

(24:00) The struggles of knowing when to let things go. 

(33:06) Measuring success as a teacher.

(38:47) Goals are subject to change.

(44:12) The problem of shaping beliefs. 

(56:51) The last kingdom. 

(1:07:09) Where you can reach Matt.

(1:08:22) Matt’s final piece of advice!

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