Highly Optimized

Episode 110: Leaving The Mind, Dropping Into the Heart & Awakening Aphrodite (feat. Amy Fournier)

June 15, 2022 Ryan Sprague Season 1 Episode 110
Highly Optimized
Episode 110: Leaving The Mind, Dropping Into the Heart & Awakening Aphrodite (feat. Amy Fournier)
Show Notes

When I first began Highly Optimized & selected that name for the business, I was imagining much more than simply optimized health & nutrition & was instead imagining a way of living. A way of living in which an individual can feel truly optimized & balanced in their physical, emotional, mental & spiritual well being. In my own experience, balance between these realms & in life in general IS the goal. Without balance, one will ultimately fall short in their ability to enjoy the process & will see the process of optimization as work, rather than fun & with balance, anything we dream for in our lives can have the space to come to fruition & we can have the energy & life force necessary to put our important work out into the world to help others find whatever helps them live a Highly Optimized life as well. Sharing her time & love on the show with us today is someone who I feel embodies the notion of balance & has achieved the ability to not only live a Highly Optimized life for herself, but to also help so many in the world learn how to do the same in her many passions that she shares with the world. She is the host of the “Awakening Aphrodite” podcast, which I was a recent guest on & had an absolute BLAST on & is a show dedicated to exploring the realms of mind, body & spirit through subjects such as nutrition, exercise, mindset & lifestyle choices, to name but a few. In addition, she has also been a juggernaut in the holistic health & fitness spaces since 1988 & is passionate about guiding her clients into the FUN that is possible within these realms by combining her devotion to being of service with her incredible amount of knowledge & wisdom surrounding these topics in both her online fitness classes as well as her online women’s circles that she hosts. My intention with this episode is to show each of you what can take place in our lives when we devote ourselves to our mission, tune into compassion, love ourselves & stay consistent in our practice of becoming Highly Optimized!

Show Notes:

(2:32) Ryan welcomes Amy to the show!

(3:38) What got Amy into health & fitness? 

(7:03) Don’t ever give up!

(9:20) Looking at Joe Dispensa’s work…

(16:31) Check out FreedomBuilderz.com

(18:27) How do you measure love?

(20:40) What it is like working with Paul Chek for years.

(33:15) What does self love mean to you?

(43:28) What role has “play” played in your life?

(1:12:20) Where you can find Amy!

(1:14:52) Amy’s final piece of advice…

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