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Episode 112: How To Improve Your Movement For A Higher Quality Of Life (feat. Camron Angus)

June 29, 2022 Ryan Sprague Season 1 Episode 112
Highly Optimized
Episode 112: How To Improve Your Movement For A Higher Quality Of Life (feat. Camron Angus)
Show Notes

Within the vast realm of health, let alone the vast realm of fitness, there are SO many different modalities one can employ to ensure they are staying healthy, fit & mobile as they age. A common misnomer that I see society moving out of in the present day in a big way is the misnomer that the body “breaks down” as we age. In my experience, I have found that the famous saying “move it or lose it” is one of the best philosophies to embody if we wish to be active & mobile throughout the course of our lives & allow our lives to be ones which are thriving in nature, rather than ones in which we merely survive. This being said, with more information than ever currently available to us, what are some of the best ways to stay active, mobile & in that state of thriving? In my personal fitness & health journey, one of my best kept secrets is that of the company Stick Mobility, which focuses on the trifecta of strength, mobility & coordination all in one system & todays guest on the show is not only a stick mobility coach, a CHEK trained practitioner & a chiropractic assistant, but he is also someone who has gone through his fair share of challenges within these realms in order to come out the other side with invaluable information for each person listening on how easy it can be to supercharge your health, fitness & mobility in order to live the version of your life that is the greatest & grandest in nature. 

This week, on Episode 112 of The Highly Optimized Podcast, we talk with personal trainer, stick mobility coach, CHEK Practitioner, and Chiropractic Therapy Assistant Cameron Angus about:  

(9:49) The Way of the Superior Man & not fitting into the corporate lifestyle.

(20:05) Stick Mobility.

(28:11) Learning new skills to fuel your passions.

(37:52) Gym Mentality.

(57:02) Knowing your “Why”.

(1:07:22) Outro & One last question!

Connect with Cameron on IG: @camangus68

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