Highly Optimized

Episode 115: Following Your Heart, Overcoming Life’s Challenges & Laughing All The Way To The Bank (feat. Jessie Salas)

July 20, 2022 Ryan Sprague Season 1 Episode 115
Highly Optimized
Episode 115: Following Your Heart, Overcoming Life’s Challenges & Laughing All The Way To The Bank (feat. Jessie Salas)
Show Notes

Something that i feel is universal in our world is the notion that we will all inevitably face challenges within our lives. This being said, what separates the individuals that see those challenges as opportunities from the individuals who allow those challenges to become blockades that prevent them from overcoming them? In my experience, this difference rests on not only our mindset, but the subsequent views & perception we have upon the world around us. This is why I feel it is SO crucial to not only work on our mindset & dive into why we believe what we believe about life, but to also make friends with the inner critic within us that tells us we can’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t consciously choose to embark upon a new way of living & see our inner critic as our best friend in disguise & the only aspect of us willing to beat us down in hopes of us using those criticisms to fuel us into the most epic journey of life possible for us in our lives. Todays guest on the show is a man who is a prime example of someone who has made friends with not only his inner critic, but also his fear & has allowed these positive reframes of these aspects of himself to propel him into living life on his own terms & creating the life of his dreams. He is a retired firefighter, where he spent 17 years passionately moving into some of the most dangerous situations on earth to help save other peoples lives, is an absolute juggernaut in the space of handling high stress situations & finding comfort within those discomforts & has now taken those experiences & moved into the role of program director for a system of training called Foundation Training, which is based on teaching how to take the burden of supporting the body out of your joints & put it back where it belongs, which is in your muscles. For all of you high achievers & go getters out there, prepare to go on a journey into how to not only re-evaluate what is possible for you, but to ensure you are able to stay balanced, regulated & healthy while shooting for the stars in your experience of life.

Show Notes:

(3:00) Jessie’s enjoyment of fighting fires, working under pressure & human design .

(22:35) Fueling your passions, avoiding falling into victimhood & being your own biggest cheerleader.

(44:00) Claiming your day, the importance of breathe work & always being open to learn.

(1:33:44) Quinn’s final piece of advice for the listeners!

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