Highly Optimized

Episode 117: Why It’s NEVER Too Late To Create Your Best Life (feat. Amy Edwards)

August 03, 2022 Ryan Sprague Season 1 Episode 117
Highly Optimized
Episode 117: Why It’s NEVER Too Late To Create Your Best Life (feat. Amy Edwards)
Show Notes

When I created this show, I did so with the intention of showcasing the endless opportunities & possibilities available to anyone, regardless of age, gender or location, when they choose to consciously begin arguing for their possibilities, rather than their limitations. It is my belief that when one can do this, especially in the times that their mind, friends & family & even society at large give them reasons not to, that they can initiate massive transformation within their lives. This does not mean that life will be easy, quite the contrary actually, however, life will inevitably challenge us whether we choose to make it challenge us for what we do want or challenge us for what we don’t want. In my experience, however, only one of those scenarios can allow us to see life happening FOR us, rather than TO us & allow us to experience the transformation within that flipping of the script. Todays guest on the show is a master in the art of transformation & has made it her mission in life to help badasses just like you overcome anything holding them back, rock life all the way & claim their best lives through up leveled habits, mindset shifts & more. She is the host of “The Amy Edwards” show, which is a show dedicated to helping its listeners achieve their healthiest selves, live their best lives & better their relationships, is an author, a rock & roll musician, a mother & if all of those hats weren’t enough, she is also a radio personality on Austin 360 radio. For all of you transformation freaks out there, this episode is sure to charge your batteries & allow each of you to tap into the inspiration necessary to create profound & lasting change within your life. 

Show Notes:

(3:03) The things that frustrated Amy during motherhood. 

(4:57) Having breakdowns and an identity crisis. 

(8:48) How Amy moved forward. 

(25:51) Check out FreedomBuilderz.com

(28:45) Ketamine experiences. 

(51:54) Join the Highly Optimized Ceremony Circle on Facebook! 

(1:03:30) Where you can reach Nate.

(1:05:27) Amy’s final piece of advice for the listeners!


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