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Episode 122: The Journey Of Listening To Our Hearts & Finding Flow In Our Lives (feat. Nate Baumgardner)

September 07, 2022 Ryan Sprague
Highly Optimized
Episode 122: The Journey Of Listening To Our Hearts & Finding Flow In Our Lives (feat. Nate Baumgardner)
Show Notes

When we think about the incredible journey of life that we are all experiencing within our individual experiences of life right now, one of the main questions I find myself asking constantly is how to keep the totality of my being feeling on top of the world, purpose driven & hopeful for the future no matter what life decides to throw at me. As such, I am constantly reconfiguring my daily rituals to reflect those values in a way that allows them to help me integrate new perspective shifts & keep myself feeling tip top. Todays guest on the show is a man who whether it is breathwork, reiki, psychedelics, language work or any other form of self development practice, he is a master of architecting daily ritual practices in ways that allow both him & his clients to feel supported & confident in taking ownership over their well being. He is the host of the “Innate Flow” podcast, where he showcases individuals who share their own experiences into how to create a deeper “flow” in life & he is also the creator & head coach behind the “Innate Flow Microdose Immersion”, where he teaches his clients how to responsibly wield the power of psilocybin in ways that enact harm reduction tactics & powerful integration practices in order to ensure they are doing good, rather than harm, within the psychedelic space. This episode is sure to allow all of your curiosity cylinders to fire to level 10 & leave you feeling inspired to continue your journey of self development & self awareness with a positive, excited mindset.

Show Notes:

(3:35) How Nate got into coaching and self development.

(7:55) The importance of planning out your days and having a solid structure.

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(15:27) The role adventure has played in Nate’s life.

(24:00) Finding your truth and the art of discernment.

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(30:15) Surrounding yourself with the right people and being radically honest with your values.

(43:00) Becoming whole by discovering more about yourself when being triggered.

(53:10) Integrating the right belief system.

(56:58) Where you can find Nate.
(58:06) Nate’s final piece of for listeners!

About Nate:

Nate Baumgardner raises the global frequency through his energy work, plant medicine coaching and breathwork facilitation. He is an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, an InFLAUX breathwork coach and a Level 2 Enlifted Coach. In the winter of 2021, Nate left Morrison Colorado on a journey to explore the natural beauty of the country with his dog, living and coaching nomadically. Through his flagship program the Innate Flow Microdose Immersion Nate aims to further the evolution of our collective consciousness, and aid in humanity’s healing harnessing the power of microdosing entheogens.

Connect with Nate

Website: https://innateflow.co/
Email: nate@innateflow.co
IG: @innate.flow

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