Highly Optimized

Episode 123: Optimizing Our Mindset To Break Free Of Our Chains (feat. Jason Goldberg)

September 14, 2022 Ryan Sprague Season 1 Episode 123
Highly Optimized
Episode 123: Optimizing Our Mindset To Break Free Of Our Chains (feat. Jason Goldberg)
Show Notes

While many of us have grown up believing that money is the most valuable resource, we can see the inaccuracy in that when we realize that the one thing billionaires wish for more of when they are nearing the end of their lives is more time. In that vain, we can recognize that it is actually time that is the most valuable resource, rather than money. For me, I have recognized that one of the best ways to hack the time game, so to speak, is by first understanding where you want to go & what goals you have & then finding someone who can help you get to those goals quicker & with less hiccups in the road. Todays guest on the show is a master of time hacking & does so in his coaching work with his clients, many of whom are famous celebrities, to ensure that they can not only save time, but increase their mental performance in learning his proven processes behind how he does what he does. In addition to his coaching work, he is also acting as a disruptor in his life, both in the idea of being a “bacon-atarian”, which, as he describes, is a vegetarian that still eats bacon & in the space of podcasting, in which he has paved his own path to podcasting with his podcast, the “Jason Goldberg Is Ruining Podcasting” podcast  & if all of that wasn’t enough, he is also a Tedx speaker, a former rapper that opened up for none less than the Wu Tang Clan themselves & the author behind the incredible book “Prison Break”, which dives into how to vanquish the victim, overcome your obstacles & lead your life. 

Show Notes:

(2:15) When Jason cultivated his “jazz essence” of life. 

(6:54) The importance of not losing the fun in life and not taking everything so seriously. 

(10:50) How Jason got into mindset work. 

(18:05) Check out FreedomBuilderz.com! 

(20:10) How to help someone go from a breakdown to a breakthrough. 

(25:00) Tips on how to avoid analysis paralysis. 

(30:15) Join the Highly Optimized Ceremony Circle on Facebook! 

(31:45) Upgrading your experience of life by changing your thinking. 

(49:10) Where you can reach Jason. 

(50:15) Jason’s final piece of advice for listeners! 


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