Highly Optimized

Episode 124: Following Our Hearts, Aligning Our Values & Feeling Grateful (feat: Danny Cola)

September 21, 2022 Ryan Sprague
Highly Optimized
Episode 124: Following Our Hearts, Aligning Our Values & Feeling Grateful (feat: Danny Cola)
Show Notes

When we think about the idea of human optimization, oftentimes we forget that it’s not just by optimizing one aspect of our lives that we reach this type of optimization, but rather it is by integrating many different aspects of our lives under the umbrella of optimization that can help us achieve this goal. In this vain, when I meet someone who is so amazing at taking one system of health & helping to create the necessary flow within it to allow people to find the thread of love within it that leads them to being getting curious about where else in their lives they can improve, I take note. Todays guest on the show is a master in the realms of fitness & specifically the realms of kettlebell, steel mace & club bell fitness. His purpose & mission in life is to build a community around optimizing human potential through fitness & wellness techniques & tools & in this episode, we will be doing a deep dive into his journey, his tips for those who are curious about branching out in their fitness repertoire & whatever else the divine wills into action in this epic heart flow we are about to embark upon. 

Show Notes:

(2:43) Learning from podcasts,the current frustrations with the educational system & following your heart against the adversity of the pandemic. 

(10:50) The importance of removing yourself from your comfort zone. 

(14:55) Check out FreedomBuilderz.com! 

(16:49) Realizing we are a lot more similar than we are different and the benefit of doing what you love everyday. 

(28:15) Challenges of living in the “information age”. 

(34:51) What Danny’s process is to manifest his goals. 

(43:15) Balancing the left/right brain and surrounding yourself with people that hold you accountable. 

(55:00) Enjoying the mystery of life! 

(59:45) Where you can find Danny. 

(1:00:42) Danny’s last piece of advice for listeners!


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