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Episode 127: The Path To Masculine Mastery & Optimizing Our Health Through Breathwork (feat. Christopher August)

October 12, 2022 Ryan Sprague
Highly Optimized
Episode 127: The Path To Masculine Mastery & Optimizing Our Health Through Breathwork (feat. Christopher August)
Show Notes

As many of you are aware after listening to this show for some time, my intention for each of these episodes is to bring forth the hero’s journey that we all embark upon in one way or another within our lives. For me, it is the hero’s journey that allows us to view our lives as a movie & todays guest on the show is a man who has not only created an epic movie out of his own hero’s journey, but has also dedicated his life to helping other men embark upon their hero’s journey & be able to do so with the proper tools, support & guidance to own the story of their lives through his Masculine Mastery brand, which combines workshops, retreats, immersions & the Masculine Mastery podcast. In addition, he is a master breathwork facilitator & has co-created his very own style of breathwork called Sonic Breathwork that he combines with music in his brand “Beats & Breath”, which is dedicated to helping its clients feel more alive, connected & free through guided experiences. In this episode, we will be exploring the path that led him into the work he is doing today, his tips for men listening who are looking to become the leaders of their lives, why he is so passionate about breathwork & music & much, much more.

About Christopher August:

Christopher August is on a mission to co-create a more conscious and connected world. With over 15 years experience in the fields of personal, business and leadership development, he has helped hundreds of people transform their pain into purpose. 

As a Transformational Coach, Speaker and Facilitator, his work blends somatic healing practices and intuitive guidance with actionable strategies to help other  experience the most free, alive and authentic versions of themselves.

Connect with Christopher 

https://www.christopheraugust.co/ https://masculinemastery.co/ 

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Show Notes:

(2:43) How Christopher got interested into the work he does today.

(6:06) Christopher’s culture shock living in Africa.

(10:30) Lack of modern rights to passage and immature views on masculinity.

(16:30) Check out FreedomBuilderz.com!

(18:36) When the beats and breathe got started.

(28:50) Combing breathe work and psychedelics and the amazing effects from both.

(41:00) A good starting point for men to find who they really are.

(1:00:30) Where the listeners can find Christoper!

(1:04:40) Christopher’s last piece of advice for listeners.


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