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Bible Study: Parody and Subversion in Matthew's Gospel

Bert Newton

This podcast series explores the Gospel of Matthew as literature, as a story. I make the argument that the story is one of a nonviolent revolutionary peasant leader named Jesus or Joshua (depending on whether you transliterate from the Greek or the Hebrew). The story, therefore, is sociopolitically subversive. Not only is the story subversive in its content, it is also subversive in its form. It parodies an ancient genre of literature common among the upper classes.I will make the argument that the author of this gospel was a defector from the upper classes (probably the retainer class) who expressed his solidarity with a peasant movement by writing out a version of the story of its foremost champion.The music used in this series comes from several sources. The intro and exit music is a composition entitled "Oaks of Madison" by my good friend Bob Nolty. Much of the interlude music beginning in episode 2 was composed specifically for this series by my friend and brother-in-law, David Martyn. In episode 1, most of the interlude music is royalty free music by various artists who will be credited on the Subversive Wisdom website, once that site gets up and running.The icon art work is by David Martyn.

Recent Episodes

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