Live. Well. Green.

Episode 77: Finding Emotional Agency

March 22, 2023 Kristina Hunter Episode 77
Live. Well. Green.
Episode 77: Finding Emotional Agency
Show Notes

So, do those feelings of dread and guilt about the environment make you feel like you could spiral out of control if you spend time looking at it, so you just shut your eyes and hope it goes away, but it never really does?

Well, today we are going to tackle those feelings using the concept of “Emotional Agency”, it has worked really well for me. To be honest, this has been THE MOST meaningful concept that I have applied in my life. I have used it every single time I have had a significant and unwanted challenge.

I talk about how finding acceptance, helped me through the very difficult fall of 2013 and how the lessons I learned during that time can be applied to how difficult it can be to face the environmental challenges and the grief and sadness that can come with that.

After acceptance, we can move forward with empathy - for others and for ourselves. And this leads us to Emotional Agency, where we know that we have meaningful influence over our internal life.

We are living in this situation of climate uncertainty, an uncharted path away from fossil fuels, and an ecological tipping point. But we get to choose our response and in our response lies our growth and freedom.

So, my experience of taking the grief and sadness of a situation and turning it into meaningful action. It involves:
accepting the path before us
feeling empathy towards others AND ourselves
finding our agency

In the coming episodes we will get into what those actions look like.

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