Live. Well. Green.

Episode 78: Do the work without burning out

March 29, 2023 Kristina Hunter Episode 78
Live. Well. Green.
Episode 78: Do the work without burning out
Show Notes

One of the foundations of how I like to approach actions for sustainability - is through the lens of Sustainable Wellbeing. This is really, I believe, the foundation of how we can do this work and not burn ourselves out emotionally and physically along the way.

Sustainable Wellbeing addresses both the personal and collective as well as ecological wellbeing. I like to define it as: caring for our personal wellbeing while we care for others and planet.

Sustainable Wellbeing means that we acknowledge that as beings of this planet, we too deserve to be cared for, and that our wellness relies on the wellness of others and the environment. In fact, individual and collective health and wellness are integrated, not separate as we usually believe.

As a result, if we care for one aspect of either our personal, community or ecological wellbeing - as long as this act does not harm the other aspects, then we are caring for all wellbeing. In fact, we should consider caring for ourselves - in a sustainable way as an act of sustainability….interesting right?!

For more on the topic of Sustainable Wellbeing, go back to Episode 29, where I explore this topic further and its connection to sustainable happiness.

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