Live. Well. Green.

Episode 28: How to Get Active in Nature in Under An Hour

August 18, 2020 Kristina Hunter Episode 28
Live. Well. Green.
Episode 28: How to Get Active in Nature in Under An Hour
Show Notes

Today I talk about something I know you are interested in – getting more active in nature. Listeners filled out an online survey and many indicated that they wanted to be out in nature more often, and, while they were at it, get some good exercise too. This is one of the first episodes in response to listeners’ requests, and today, I give you four tips for getting physical in nature in under an hour. We tend to think of being in nature as something we do that is ‘out there’. When we hike, ski, camp, or go to the beach, we think we are in nature when, in fact, we are always in nature! We are physically, emotionally, and spiritually connected to the natural world – this is where we evolved from after all. You do not have to take a day off work to go for a hike, you can engage in nature right where you are, even if you live in an urban area. I have a range of suggestions for activities that will suit any schedule, whether you have an hour, 45, 20, or only five minutes to spare. It is possible for you to get out into nature and move your body every day of the week – tune in to learn how! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • While we live busy lives, there are ways to connect to nature more regularly. 
  • The mental and physical benefits of spending time in nature and seeing greenery outside. 
  • Hear how the rates of stress, worry, and sadness are increasing around the globe. 
  • The disconnect between our enjoyment of physical exercise and the time we spend doing it. 
  • Leveraging nature as a resource that is always available and around us all the time.  
  • Keeping in mind that we are physically, emotionally, and spiritually connected to nature.  
  • Use short, in-between times optimally by going for a brisk walk or jog in your lunch break. 
  • Suggestions for spending 20 to 30 minutes outdoors while also getting some exercise. 
  • Breathwork and yoga exercises for when you only have five to ten minutes to spare. 
  • How you can make these practices concrete by incorporating them in your daily activities.  
  • Creating practical, lasting habits by making them obvious, attractive, easy, and satisfying. 
  • Why it is helpful to think of your new habits as a system rather than a set of goals. 
  • The importance of planning and preparing for how you want to spend your time. 

Key Messages:

  1.  There are many physical and mental benefits to being in nature. 
  2.  Although most of us report enjoying physical activity, we still do too little of it. 
  3.  Nature is all around us. 
  4.  Make use of the little bits of time you have, for example by doing yoga or going for a walk. 
  5.  Integrate these activities into your day.     
  6.  Plan and prepare for these activities – and make it enjoyable!   

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