Live. Well. Green.

Episode 42: Salute the Makers 2020

November 24, 2020 Kristina Hunter Episode 42
Live. Well. Green.
Episode 42: Salute the Makers 2020
Show Notes

Do you love craft markets as much as I do? If so, you are in for a treat today! In this episode, I interview six different makers who create their products while keeping sustainability in mind. They share with us how they got into their craft and the specific ways that their work contributes to the wellbeing of the environment. Spindle + Company puts a spin on traditional yarn products and Manny Maiers uses broken cameras and other vintage equipment to make unique home decor pieces while also preventing those items from ending up in landfills. At Toss Recreations, you can purchase anything from clothes to rugs, while Turquoise Poppies can supply you and your family with fun wrist warmers this winter. Listeners will also find out where they can buy tote bags made from repurposed upholstery fabric and how to get their hands-on nature illustrations that are perfect for educating kids about the Australian outdoors. Be sure to join me today to get sustainable, hand-crafted gift ideas for the holiday seasons! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know a different kind of spinster who makes and sells unique yarn products. 
  • Learn about Kelly Mason’s online fiber community and how she got into old-school spinning. 
  • The therapeutic, meditative nature of spinning and weaving and how it impacts mental health. 
  • Ensuring that they source only from sustainable suppliers who take care of their animals. 
  • Manny Maiers talks about how he got into making industrial and modern vintage home decor.  
  • Why Manny believes so many people connect with his products made with old cameras. 
  • How sustainability is brought into Manny’s business through repurposing and up-cycling.  
  • The recycled materials used in the production of Toss Recreation’s bags, clothes, rugs, etc.  
  • Hear about the fabulous wrist warmers/fingerless gloves produced by Turquoise Poppies.  
  • How Melissa Rickey repurposes and gives the items that aren’t sold in thrift shops new life. 
  • Florence Niven talks about the tote bags she makes from repurposed upholstery fabric. 
  • How making these bags started with her grandmother and is now a family tradition!  
  • Learn about Shantele Ianna – the nature illustrator who focuses on Australian animals. 
  • The importance of educating kids about the environment and to find joy in nature. 

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