Live. Well. Green.

Episode 48: Sustainable Wellbeing Habits for the New Year

January 05, 2021 Kristina Hunter Episode 48
Live. Well. Green.
Episode 48: Sustainable Wellbeing Habits for the New Year
Show Notes

The new year always brings fresh perspectives, an opportunity for goal-setting, and a chance for us to reenvision the way we live our lives. While I am not big on resolutions, I love working towards milestones and the chance to reach greater alignment. Today, I offer five habits to help you build sustainable wellbeing into your life in 2021. Although it is hard to pin down an exact definition of sustainable wellbeing because of its intersectional nature, it is definitely worth pursuing. When we find the synergy between what is best for our personal, collective, and ecological wellbeing, we can create real, systemic change. Some of the habits I hope you consider include setting a mantra that reflects your values, building a diverse and supportive community, and getting comfortable with taking action. Change comes through intentional steps, no matter how small, so have faith that your work will pay dividends. I am so excited about all the possibilities this new year holds, and I look forward to our journey together!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear about some of the exciting short courses I am bringing out this year.
  • No matter what season of life you are in, you should always seek out renewal.
  • Habit one: Create a mantra to help you reach your sustainable wellbeing goals.
  • Examples of mantras I have used in the past to help me at varying times.
  • Habit two: Add green to your routine through habit stacking.
  • Suggestions for some activities you can add to your existing routine.
  • Habit three: Celebrate all of your wins, even the ones that seem insignificant.
  • Why it is so important to celebrate new positive habits and the small reward I give myself.
  • Habit Four: Work on building a diverse community that supports you.
  • Habit five: Get used to taking action, no matter how small the steps you take are.
  • Two different approaches to taking action and their respective advantages.
  • How I managed to ditch my bad plastic straw habit.
  • A final tip on how to integrate all these new habits into your life. 

Key Messages:

1. Sustainable wellbeing is the intersection of ecological sustainability and personal and community wellbeing.

2. A recap of the reading of Mary Oliver’s ‘Poem of the One World’.

 five habits for building sustainable wellbeing into your life.

3. Look for synergies, where the actions you take for the environment are also good for the community and your personal wellbeing. 

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