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Episode 51: How to Shop Sustainably Online

January 27, 2021 Kristina Hunter Episode 51
Live. Well. Green.
Episode 51: How to Shop Sustainably Online
Show Notes

More than ever before, we are shopping online. But is this the most sustainable choice we can make? In today’s episode, I talk about a study that explored greenhouse gas emissions of three different modes of shopping; traditional brick and mortar, pure online, and click and brick, where you purchase online but from a local retailer. I go through some of the key factors that influence greenhouse emissions, including but not limited to the mode of transport, urban density, and basket size. As with all things sustainable, the best practices to incorporate into your life depend on your context. While there is not a single correct way to shop more sustainably, the tips I share today will certainly help you decrease your shopping’s carbon footprint.  

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The pandemic has changed the way that we shop completely.
  • Environmental and economic concerns that come with buying from large online retailers.
  • Insights into a research paper on the greenhouse emissions of different modes of shopping.
  • Key variables that influence a product’s transport, distribution, and packaging emissions. 
  • The study findings around which method of shopping is most sustainable.
  • Some of the major issues with shopping at a pure online retailer.
  • How urban sprawl influences the distance between large online retailer warehouses and their customers.
  • Ways to be better when shopping at pure online shops. 

Key Messages: 

  1. The best option is to walk or bike to your local shop.
  2. The second-best option is brick and click, where you buy online from a local retailer.
  3. If you must order from a pure online retailer, get the slowest delivery option, bundle your purchases, and don’t plan to return them.

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