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A Different Perspective About Suffering
March 23, 2017 Mindful Oklahoma
Jeff talks about how we have a choice in the way that we interpret our own suffering and the suffering of others and about how we can learn to stand outside our own thoughts and feelings about what is happening. This "different perspective" of the pain and difficulties that befall us can actually open up new doors for us to more deeply experience what is truly happening in each moment and can help us to "wake up from the trance" of what we are believing when we are hurting in different ways. He shares how some of the Buddhist masters pointed to different ways in which we can "lighten our grip" on clinging to our own narratives and stories about why we are suffering and how that can free us from the "cycle of constant suffering" and to begin to more deeply embrace our human-ness and the sometimes difficult, unsatisfactory, and transient nature of life.
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