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Transitioning Back From The Delusion
April 03, 2017 Mindful Coping Skills For The Real World
Jeff talks about one of the most difficult "emotional hooks," which is the role of the victim. He explains how all of the "emotional hooks" all work the same in that they entice us into taking on a role or an identity that is not really who we are. He then talks further about the various lenses that we can choose to look at our lives through that actually cause us to see things how we think that they are instead of how they really are. What is amazing about this unconscious and sometimes conscious behavior is that we can sometimes choose to go on "hunting expeditions" and to look for trouble that really isn't there by convincing ourselves that someone is saying something or doing something that is hurtful or disrespectful to us. Jeff reminds us that this is what our mindfulness practice is all about.....we must practice daily to cultivate the awareness that is necessary to "catch ourselves in the act of" behaving this way so that we can wake up from the trance, come back to the present moment, and let go of how we are deluding ourselves about what we think is happening in order to stop the suffering of others and ourselves. In the end, we actually find out who we really are when we stop telling ourselves who we are and what we think is happening to us.
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